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27% 545 votes
73% 1455 votes
2000 people voted
Yes, I already submitted it! 260 votes

Yes, I already submitted it!
No, but I will this weekend! 622 votes

No, but I will this weekend!
No, I haven't seen the movie! 1118 votes

No, I haven't seen the movie!
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  A League Of Their Own is one of my all time favorite movies. I had forgotten about it until this survey mentioned it. It was many years ago, back when the Hollywood crowd actually made GOOD movies! It's hard to remember a lot about it, to write, but I know there were many big name (now) stars in it. Tom Hanks was excellent in his role and an actress that seems to not ever get a fair 'claim to fame' is Lori Petty. I don't see her in a lot of things, but she's always good! A true Hollywood unsung hero, in my opinion. Gena Davis and Jon Lovitz come to mind, also, as fairly new stars at that time. I just mostly remember Tom Hanks and Lori Petty though. It's a bit hard to remember but seems like it had something to do with the war and all the males were off in the military. To keep the "America's favorite past time" alive and continuing, they put together a baseball team of women, sort of a misfit type group. I loved LOVED that movie and now that I have had to think about it so much I think I will hunt it up on one of the streaming devises and watch it again on this cool and rainy dreary first day of June.


  I think the movie "A league of their own" is a fabulous movie for all ages. I remembering seeing this movie many, many years ago and it was a movie to remember. It had a lot of excellent actors such as Tom Hanks, Madonna and Geena Davis. It is a movie that will be remembered for those that have seen it many years ago.

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