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from United States
I’m a homemaker, wife and lifelong Southerner. An avid reader, I especially enjoy historical Christian fiction and mysteries. My mom gave me a love of history and a great start on researching my family genealogy. I love visiting historical sites and keeping abreast of history in the making. God has blessed our nation with a diversity of majestic mountains and canyons, sparkling lakes, waterfalls and oceans, lush green forests and southwestern deserts and I enjoy visiting these areas and hope to travel more in the future. My faith in Christ is my passion and I daily seek to serve him more faithfully. Though I often fall short, I am eternally grateful for his forgiveness and love. God loves each of us and he’ll never give up on you wherever you are in your life if you’ll just open your heart to him. I pray for God’s blessings for each of you.


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By the way, I meant to tell you, I got my app for the dr about my ankle. (His title slips my mind right It is next Wed. at 1 pm. So we will see how it turns out. 11 minutes ago


Well, I get how sometimes you feel misunderstood. I feel that about myself as well a lot of the time. I do agree with you that the girl was not a hero for simply doing what she did. Maybe though it was a way for her mom to encouge her? Kids do need that from their parents and maybe we don't have all the facts here. However, I do agree the word hero is used too much for situations that probably do not qualify. And yes, someone that simply calls 911 for help is not a hero, whereas someone who risks his own life to help someone else, is the hero. I agree with you. 17 minutes ago


Well, Ik did get that last post. lol. So let me understand what you mean by that. That you did or did not agree with that girl being heroic? If she was just achomplishing an course set up in the back yard, yes I would agree that that is not really being a hero. I think that is what you are saying. That is a good thing but not being a hero. Unless she had some kind of disability. And maybe not even then, I guess. I am sort of looking at this through different eyes. In my eyes, my daughter is a hero because she has over come so much and there is so much I could tell you about that. But to other people, they would probably not call her that. They probably would feel that she really did overcome so much and can admire her ability to do that, but not really look at her as a hero. And I get that. I am her mother, and so that I think makes it different. Am I making sense? lol 1 hour ago


Hmm...never heard of clear knee mom jeans. Now that I have, I can only ask 'why'! 1 hour ago


Voted on the poll: Would you consider buying these jeans? 2 hours ago


Created a new poll: Would you consider buying these jeans? 2 hours ago


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