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from United Kingdom
Hi everyone! This is the official account of Toluna for the UK. If you have any questions then I am happy to help. For questions about surveys please contact the helpdesk at or click on the 'Contact' button at the bottom of the page.
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Cheers TT, you’ve done what you can, let’s hope Toluna do their bit. 1 hour ago


Hello Dave, unfortunately and as I previously mentioned, I've offered all possible explanations and advice that I can. However, I'll share your feedback with the relevant team so we can try to improve the Toluna experience for you in the future. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you have a pleasant day. 2 hours ago


Hi I read the following as saying you managed to get through eventually... “ From my understanding, you had complained about problems with surveys being offered during some instability on the site, however, I can see that you had since partaken in 8 studies “ With regards to no solution to offer at the moment, I realise your hands are tied and there is only so much you can comment on. You suggest Toluna is like other sites. On the rare occasions any site might be swamped, say 1 million hits, they take steps to minimise disruption and put in place solutions so it doesn’t happen again. There is no site, if given this scenario, that would allow the problems to happen week in and week out, month in month out. In this respect Toluna is unique in my experience. I’ve never experienced continually recurring problems on any site. The point of contacting today is to open discussions about the problems. I feel I’m hitting my head against a brick wall. Should I give up and just go away. Cheers, Dave 13 hours ago


Hi Dave, thank you for your response. I'm afraid that is not what I said at all. Your aforementioned queries were answered in the order they were asked and I provided the insights available to me - please note, I am not part of the support or help desk team, however I'll try to assist where appropriate. Unfortunately, and I do apologise for this, but there is no other solution I can offer to you at this time and if there was, I would. When the site faces heavy traffic, like other websites, it's possible that there will be adverse effects and it will become difficult to access. As always, I remain available for generic queries and the help desk team can be reached in case of something more specific. I hope you have a pleasant evening - take care! 17 hours ago


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. So, firstly the points referred to was meant to be tongue in cheek. Are you saying that the site doesn’t suffer from problems? The instability of the site you refer to is my point. Yesterday for several hours I tried to access surveys with no luck. This is something that if I go a week without experiencing I think myself lucky. My frustration boiled over yesterday and I lost my patience. The help from the helpdesk reply was to ignore the existence of any problem and say, well you eventually managed to be online when the site worked. Much as you said. This instability you refer to is just one thing amongst many that continually happen week in week out to frustrate and impede what should be a straightforward experience. Cheers, many thanks , Dave 18 hours ago


Good afternoon Dave and thank you for your message. Regarding bonus points, you haven't made any posts for credit to be given to. Concerning your second point, we can only attempt to rectify problems that are reported to us following the protocol - this involves using the help desk. I can see you opened a ticket yesterday and today, and that the Support team has responded. From my understanding, you had complained about problems with surveys being offered during some instability on the site, however, I can see that you had since partaken in 8 studies. If you have another issue, please can you clarify this with the help desk team or here with me? If there's anything else I can help with, please do let me know. 19 hours ago


Good afternoon Minnie! You're very welcome - thank you for the content shared, we'd love to see more when you get them. Enjoy! :) 19 hours ago


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