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from United States
Be strong, but not rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be bold, but not bully.


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Hi Bill, how are you? Just stopping by to say hi... :) 19 hours ago


Hi. Bill. I am doing well. SO you had a brief vacation from Toluna and doing some catching up. So you have been working more than usual and looks like more of the same in the future. You will have plenty of cash to flash. lol The democrats today are the party of liberal elites including high tech, welfare, and illegal aliens. They don't believe in free speech unless you agree with them. Thankfully we still have the the radio for brainwashing. lol Hope your day was good. 1 day ago


Hi Bill. Are you working the extra time due to staff shortages? At least you enjoy your job so that helps. Yes, my husband got his COVID vaccine this morning and his second dose has been put on reserve. The hospital has a great system. He walked in, got his shot in less than five minutes was sitting in a chair waiting for his 15 required minutes. Oh, and was given two huge fresh baked cookies from the kitchen to take home with him :-) There is such a shortage of doses my state has pushed 65 to 70 year olds to the next of the back of the line and say it will be late spring before we get it. We woke early this morning to a major thunderstorm but it was over by 10:00 and got to the mid-70's today. Winter is coming back in a few days though. Take care and God bless! 1 day ago


Well, my first message didn't post, even after refreshing the page three times, so I typed another, and lo and behold... now they are both here! Good grief... 1 day ago


Hi Bill! Yes, I was awake. I was gathering paperwork for taxes. All documents are online, so I had to locate and print. Yes, my daughter still likes her job, Everyday I ask if there was any mention of the vaccine, and everyday she says no. I would think it would be soon. I see you had both rounds now. That's great! Why the extra hours? Vacations? I hope it's not due to illnesses. As for weather, so far, we've had just a dusting, and it's 28 degrees. Have a pleasant evening☺ God bless you! 1 day ago


Hi Bill! Yes, I was awake☺ Gathering paperwork to work on taxes. All documents are online, so I had to hunt them down and print. Yes, my daughter is still enjoying her job. Everyday I ask if there has been any mention of the vaccine, and everyday she says no. I see you have had both rounds now. That's great! Why the extra hours? Staff vacations? Hope it's not illnesses. As for weather, we have had just a dusting so far, and it's 28 degrees. Have a great night. God bless you! 1 day ago


Hi, Bill! I just typed you long email and it erased, so this one will be less wordy. I am sorry you are working such long weeks, but I am glad you are still off on Sundays. So far, no snow, just rain. I have to call Dr. Dingbat again, because she still hasn't called me back. Please stay safe on the roads. God bless you always, my friend! 1 day ago


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