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from India
"What I’m looking for is not out there, it is in me." “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” “All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” "I Would Rather Walk With a Friend in the Dark Than Alone in the Light" "The best way out is always through" – Helen Keller


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Pls ignore message below....its not my B'day on 10th July....Happy July:) 1 month ago


Hi...K...kavitha's birthday is on July 10th, have a blessed day ahead.:-) 😷 1 month ago


Hi Chandan, I didn't feel bad but I have found a better profile picture. I have a cute video too share with you. Don't wear headphones. Good night and sleep well 😴 2 months ago


Hi Chandan. You must have forgotten to put your glasses on:-p.... I have made a painted version of Koala which is not looking very precise but to make this piece it took so much time that's why I didn't mind putting it as my profile pic. If it's looking bad I'll change it. Thanks for your encouragement. I haven't completed it yet. The power went off and my lappie discharged and I was very lazy as Koala to edit and redo my essay. Today my stomach was very upset, I had pudina hara, it didn't work and had buttermilk, curd dal khichdi but nothing worked. Finally my father suggested drinking lemon and saltwater and it turned out to be a miracle. The funny thing is that I was cooking from the last few days and I got sick of eating food made by me. It was mostly fried snacks...:-D. I would stick with less oily food otherwise who will go to the hospital to cure stomach aches and in return get an infection. You also take care and try to get less sick, hospitals aren't definitely the safe place now. Enjoy the coming Sunday and Take care:) 2 months ago


Thumb it added to favorites: RIP 2 months ago


Voted on the thumb: RIP 2 months ago


Hi Chandan, I am thinking of adding about the current pandemic in my essay. About how it affected our lives even after 10 years. Most participant will do it and I will also need to keep my essay positive because the community conducting the essay emphasis on peace. You don't think that you were not helpful to me. You did help me. I thought of asking you for help in the first place because you are into writing poems, so I thought you must be good at general writing. Thanks for all the useful tips. I have to rewrite my essay. I have written it roughly and it's disorganized. In the first paragraph, I'll introduce myself and write about how my life and surrounding are. I will talk about some issue and also write about its solution. Lastly, I would add some elements to it, to make it sound intriguing. I'll re-read it to check mistakes and done. Have a great weekend too:) 2 months ago


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