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55 months ago

I am currently pregnant and Have a mother in law that thinks I should listen to everything she says. It is getting worse! How do you deal with your mother in law that interferes with your life?

I have no clue how to handle her. My husbands tells me to just brush it off, but when I do, she pushes and pushes! I don't want to hurt her feelings, but in the same sense I don't want to deal with it!


  54 months ago
I would just sit down with her and have a long talk with her.You have to tell her how you feel.If she comes to your house acting this way.Tell her this is my house.I don`t appreciate the way you treat me.If you have a problem with the way I run my house,life.Live with it.Just keep your opinion to your self.If you don`t have anything nice to say?Don`t say anything at all.I`m not comfortable with the way you treat me in my house.If you keep disrespecting me the way you do?I`m going to have to ask you to do not come to my house at all.If you don`t like it?TOUGH!This is my house,not yours...This should take care of the problem.


  55 months ago
you are better off just having a word with her or it will just get worse. when i first had my son my mother in law was round at my house every other day and she would just stay for an hour she would be round for 5 hours and it drove me insane i just felt like i didnt have any time for myself as i had other family visiting as well. In the end i had to have a word with her over a nice cup of tea and a bit of cake. She was a little hurt but she said that she understood and it was all fine. Now she only comes round twice a week for a total of about 7 hours which is much better.
What ever you decide to do good luck!


  55 months ago
Maybe thank her for her opinion but the added stress is not good for the baby so maybe she can tone it down some for the baby's sake??


  55 months ago
Tough question. I think your husband is pretty much correct on this one- at least try and brush it off and then do what you think is best.


  55 months ago
You have to listen some thing and avoid others which you dont think necessary but as an your own and experience she is guiding you as per her knowledge and ability it is better to keep her heart too.

first gold

  55 months ago
I went through the same situation with all 5 of my kids. My best advice to you is listen, nod your head and tell her you will discuss her advice the next time you visit your doctor. After your next visit tell her this is what he told you to do. If it goes against what she has told you, tough. It also helps to do just a couple of the very minor things she has suggested if you can. It will help. you know the honey and sugar thing. I thought after the first three my mother in law would give up, but she never did. I managed to compromise on a few things, but when my doctor said I could do anything I was used to doing before I got pregnant, including riding the horses, she gave up on many of her suggestions. Try it, it just might work.

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