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67 months ago

If you got a flat tire and had Triple A auto service, would you change the flat, or call them and have them do it beacause you pay for the service they provide?

Personally, I would change it for 2 reasons (I do have Triple A, there are 3 levels, bottom, middle and top, I have the middle level) usually they are at least 45 minutes backed up or that far away from where I always seem to be and second, If you use them more than a certain amount of times in a 12 month period, they will down-grade your membership to the next lower level, because now they see you as a liability and they're losing money having you as a customer.
Boy , I love that way of thinking. It all comes down to the almighty greenback(s) and the customer service gets thrown out the window! Hmmmm......!! What are your thoughts? I love Triple A and have used them for years and the above mentioned is the only issue I have with them.
I once used them to tow me home after my engine caught fire & when I arrived home, 96 miles later, I asked the driver how much the tow would've been without the Triple A and he replied "Around $600!"


  67 months ago
I've had AAA Road Service for over 35 years now.
Since I wouldn't even know which end of the car to Put the Tire on, of Course I'm going to use my AAA Service.
If the tire isn't installed Perfectly, you could end up in a Serious Accident. It's not worth trying to do that yourself. I have the AAA PLUS Card and it's a good idea to occasionally read just what your Benefits are.
It's really amazing what you're covered for - and it's something you should use if you need it. All you need is just ONE TOW and you've pretty much covered your Premiums for MANY, MANY Years.


  67 months ago
I call AAA and let them do the dirty work. I pay a yearly fee for the service. The only time I had to pay was when I ran out of gas and I was charged only for the cost of the gas.


  67 months ago
I usually do it myself, but I have had AAA for over 20 years. I called once late at night when I drove for a courier. Pulled in a rest area. Didn't know the mile marker, but told them the rest area after the certain exit. They never showed, so I did it while a truck driver watched me. My car was loaded with boxes and stuff I had to pick up and drive far away. I stopped to change a ladies once. She was dressed up and had her son about 9 with her. I had just gotten a couple lug nuts off and a State trooper stopped and he did it. :) I am always traveling alone, so I like to have it, but hardly use it. My money should pay for your extras! :)


  67 months ago
I do not drive much and I do not have triple A service. But if I did I would use it.

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