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67 months ago

Should our School authorities and Government take proper steps to decrease burden of studies on small children?

It is sad to see that school-going children are made to carry a donkey load of books and notebooks in their school bag. Mentally they used to feel heavy stress while doing their studies. It is too much of a burden on their tender minds as well as shoulders. School education has robbed them of their childhood together with a carefree pure happiness. Can they tolerate with it for long? We have to do something to protect our small children from this type of punishment or torture. Sorry I use the word "punishment" because to my view it is a type of punishment. Going schools has ceased to be pleasure. Private or English medium schools are much more responsible for creating this type of situation for children. They introduce ever new subjects and lengthen the list of textbooks. The money mindedness or profit motive has blinded them to the sufferings of children. This type of motive can be checked by the government itself through implementing strong law. This type of attitude towards our children will hinder their growth and harmful for their natural mental development. We can prevail upon the school management to stop playing their dirty game, and make education meaningful.


  67 months ago
Yes, we need a strict law put these private school authorities not force children to do this type of act. The parent also should also make a united stand against these private school authorities.

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