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55 months ago

Which survey site can you make the most money on?

I have no clue. Toluna has slowed down a lot for me and I am looking for more survey sites that pay good.


  54 months ago
I dont really know. Wish I could be more help, sorry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


  55 months ago
I have to disagree a bit with Beachreader about my points because you can get money from paypal with them but it takes a lot of points and it may not be obvious unless you check for what you can get at 4,000 some odd points. I am just getting into this but mysurvey has been the best for me lately - I am doing a two week $35.oo survey for them now. If you ask this question on Yahoo Answers there is a list of companies which pay for surveys but I have not checked that out so far. If you have an ability to write articles or stories, you might try Myhub where you establish a hub, write something, and google will put ads on your hub and you get paid depending upon how many click on that add. I just started so I can't tell you what can be made doing that but there are many there making a living at it from what I have seen.


  55 months ago
You are right. Toluna are has slowed down quite a bit. I usually average twenty dollars per month, but this month I have fewer than half the points that I need for that. I like Pinecone Research because they only send surveys for which you are qualified and payment is quite prompt. However, I only average about nine dollars per month. My Survey used to be a good site, but in the last year the amount they pay has been dramatically reduced and most surveys have paid less than a dollar - really not worth the effort. I like MyPoints because I have been able to get a nice accumulation of points, but they only reward you with gift cards. Opinion Outpost, at least for me, has been disappointing too, although some people swear by it. If you can find a site that pays well and often, please share that information with the rest of us. Sorry I haven't been more helpful.


  55 months ago
I belong to Pinecone research and mysurvey, isay, myview, but lately it seems that they have all really slowed down alot, less surveys, less qualifying for them too and Toluna seems to have slowed down too, guess its happening everywhere.


  55 months ago
So far this site and inbox dollars has worked for me I also do mypoints bonus mail but they are slow and only have points, but have gotten a gas card from both. I tried some others that have been recommended but have not worked out yet and don't think they will. It will be nice to see what others have to say and what sites they will recommend. I think this site will get better in time it is getting more popular especially with young kids, because they cannot fid jobs.


  55 months ago
i dont know how to spell it but im going to try anyways lol. i make money on oppion outpost.. and clearvoicesurveys.. uhmm other than that im kinda hooked on this site. i did get some moneys from but i have not been getting surveys last month and i got only 3 this month which is pretty weird.. maybe you will have better luck with it

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