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55 months ago

What is the difference between integrity, ethics and morality?

What is the difference between ethics, morals and values?
I realise that there will be dissent in replies to this topic and I encourage such.
total agreement.
I believe that alues are our fundamental beliefs. They are the principles we use to define that which is right, good and just. Values provide guidance as we determine the right versus the wrong, the good versus the bad. They are our standards.
When we evaluate something we compare it to a standard. We determine whether it meets that standard or falls short.
Typical values include honesty, integrity, compassion, courage, honor, responsibility, patriotism, respect and fairness.
Morals are values which we attribute to a system of beliefs, typically a religious system, but it could be a political system of some other set of beliefs. These values get their authority from something outside the individual- a higher being or higher authority (e.g. society). Many of us find our values are strongly influenced by our sense of morality - right as defined by a higher 'diety or authority' .
Ethics is about our actions and decisions. When one acts in ways which are consistent with our beliefs, we are acting ethically. When one’s actions are not congruent with our values, we are acting unethically.
We have ethical dilemmas, where the choice is not between what we believe to be right and what we believe to be wrong, but between competing rights. The classic case: “Is it ethical to steal a loaf of bread to feed a starving child.” The answer, “It depends.”
Do we as individuals have the right to impose 'our' values upon others?


  55 months ago
The differences between integrity,ethic and morality are based upon whether your parents teach them to yourself or whether you traverse your life hoping you were taught better.


  55 months ago
Sometimes a moral dilemma can cause us to question our ouwn intergity and ethics. We each make decision based on what we think or feel is morally correct. At least I hope we do.


  55 months ago
i dont anyone has the right to impose their beliefs or values on anyone


  55 months ago
Doh!---well my mind has just gone blank .


  55 months ago
Ethics you choose to follow after having been surrounded by parents, peers colleagues, Integrity is something you are born with & if nurtured correctly you will always have it, Morals are usually learned either through example plus verbal explanation. All three are either chosen in to be follwed & pursued or chosen not to be. lol :))))))))))))))))))))


  55 months ago
No. Morality and ethics are personal, and it's unethical to impose your ethics or beliefs on someone else. If you don't agree with someone else's ethics or beliefs, that doesn't mean they're wrong and you're right, particularly in terms of religious beliefs. As there is no proof that 'god' exists (religious belief relies on faith, and rejects any concept of proof) it's up to the individual to make up their own mind. Certain ethics are obviously justified, ie. don't kill someone or take from them what isn't yours, but beliefs are a different matter.


  55 months ago
ethics and morality are temporal cultural constructions, whereas integrity is an personal construct that only may be based on the previously mentioned constructs

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