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  83 months ago

If you have had an experience with a ghost, spirit, demon, or other paranormal entity, please explain it here. If you are a skeptic who doesn't believe in such things, explain why you feel this way.

Personally, I have had a few encounters with such things. My very favorite person, perhaps the most worldy and knowledgable person I know is empathic. This means that she is very sensitive to energy and can pick up on that of spirits. She sees and hears them very frequently. By my personal experience, here is my story: I had an uncle, my mother's brother, who died very young, when he was 21 years old. It was sudden and unexpected, so naturally his spirit was still around for quite some time after. He had been living with my grandparents at the time of his death. About four years after he died, I was spending the night with my grandparents and in order to get to the restroom, you have to walk through the kitchen in front of the fridge. The fridge door opens towards you if you are walking in the direction of the restroom. As I was walking to the restroom one night, the fridge door opened up right in front of me and stopped me in my tracks. I shut it quickly, ran to the bathroom and came back quickly. My grandparents also still hear and see my uncle at times. Then there is the ghost that resides in my high school theater. He is a rather nice ghost, but a bit mischevious and certainly creepy to cast members. He observes many a rehearsal and learns most of the actors and crews names. He certainly knew mine. I was early for a rehearsal, the only person in a dark theater, and he kept whispering my name. When I was alone in the dressing room, a cabinet door to the costume cabinet opened as I was doing my makeup, thinking nothing of it, as I was distracted, I said "hey, shut that!" and it shut. Then I realized what had happened and I wouldn't go back in there. He also enjoys flushing the toilet constantly, misplacing peoples keys, moving props around, and jiggling door handles when scared kids are alone. I just wanted to share my stories and am very interested in hearing yours.


  77 months ago
My mother in laws house used to be haunted. They would misplace keys, jewellery etc and find them in the exact same position after a couple of months. Once when I spent the night there, I saw the bedroom door leading to the balcony open on it's own early morning. There was no one in the balcony. My sister in law told me that once when she spent the night there, her bed started rocking and she was thrown to the floor. They sold the house and moved to another.


  82 months ago
Great story but dont have a story to give back sorry


  83 months ago
What happens when we die? WHo knows for sure? Are their dimensions intruding into our? There is so much we really do not know.

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