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67 months ago

my 13 year old wants a boyfriend and i dont know should i let her have one or not? give me your answer & why should i or why shouldnt i?

she said that she is old eniugh and responsible, and she know what to do and what not to do & i believe her but can you guys tell me why should i let her have a boyfriend or why shouldnt i? because i really dont know.


  67 months ago
My daughter is 13 as well & kids at her school are constantly talking about their boyfriend/girlfriend & who they're "going out" with. Yet, few of them are actually dating, per se. We've told her that she can start dating at age 16, though we will make allowances for dances where we drive them. There are girls her age who have already been sexually involved w/a number of boys because the parents simply aren't as involved as they should be in their daughters' lives. We have frank & candid discussions about this issue & she understands our concerns & is comfortable discussing these issues with us. That being said, it's hard to give an absolute answer because only you know your daughter's maturity level.


  67 months ago
She is too young to date. Believe it or not. Releationships is the last thing im concerned on. Education first. Let her get through High school with no boys or distractions. Its when she gets into college she can start dating. If she becomes boy-crazy in high school that can affect her grades. And low, unattended grades in High school, could mean you have no chance of scholarship. Im 16, and an Honer student, I have no girlfriend, only neighborly female classmates who i speak to now and then, but nothing more than that. And i plan to keep it like that until i enter University. Hope i've answered your question!


  67 months ago
Being 13 is alittle to young knowing that the pregnancy rate in teenagers is high. I think she could have a friend that is a boy, but not a boyfriend. She has alot of years ahead of her to date. She should worry about school, that is more important then a boy. I think that it should be supervised if u do decide to let her date. Please except this as an opinion not telling you what to do, for I do not know your daughter or you. The only person that knows what's right for her is you. Best wishes!

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