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  84 months ago

Are you a member of Have you ever had problems with it?

I've been thinking about joining for awhile, but I have some reservations about it. In order to receive swagbucks, you must download their internet search bar. Whenever I am asked to download something to my computer from a website like that, I get apprehensive. I worry a lot about my internet security. I have also read many reviews about it where people have said they have gotten a lot of viruses after installing the search bar. I was wondering if any of you are members and if you have problems with it. Or, do you like it?


  81 months ago
I am an active member of swagbucks and like Toluna, I visit it on a daily basis. I have not had any problems with it thus far, but I have not downloaded their search bar, which is not required for you to earn points on their website. (Swagbucks (points) are earned just like Toluna and traded in for various prizes, but there is a greatly selection of items.) If you are thinking about joining, I would suggest that you do so only if you are going to visit the site almost on a daily basis, otherwise it will take you a very long time to earn enough swagbucks (points) to do anything with. Once (or if) you join, be sure to complete the daily poll, NOSO (no obligation special offers (just skip past all the offers until you get to the end)), and check the available trusted surveys; doing these three things alone will net you four (4) swagbucks. Next, every six to eight hours, play two different games and conduct searches (via their website) for another eight (8) to sixteen (16) swagbucks (points). A special hint on the searches is to enter in your first search and then click on the web, images, video, news, and products sections on the upper left hand side of the page with the same search words. I have found that this makes earning swagbucks (points) quicker. When you are ready to see if you qualify for some of their available surveys, first ensure that you complete all your profiles first. These will earn you additional swagbucks (points) and will help you find more appropriate surveys for you. Another area to check out is the Special Offers section; just be sure to read the full text before clicking. I would suggest avoiding the Tasks sections; I personally found these to be extremely tedious for the points awarded. In a typical day, I earn about between twenty (20) and fifty-two (52) swagbucks (points) for about fifteen minutes of work, not including any swagbucks (points) earned from surveys.


  82 months ago
I have never heard of I would never download an internet search bar, because of viruses, and phishing.


  82 months ago
I was a member and didn't have to download anything. I am no longer using the site just because other survey sites keep me plenty busy and seem easier to accrue points for a payout!


  82 months ago
I've never heard of Swagbucks so I can't really comment on it, sorry.


  82 months ago
sorry never heard of it my apologies for that...but may look out for it


  82 months ago
Sorry but I never even heard of swagbucks until you mentioned it.


  83 months ago
No problems. They are number two in my points sites list.


  83 months ago
I am not a member. I think it would be good to do your research, like you are doing here, asking the questions.


  83 months ago
I am not a member of Swagbucks and would not want to download their search bar to join them either.


  83 months ago
No, I'm not a member of I have never heard of them before.
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