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56 months ago

Do you consider that parents who use a parental spyware on their children's computer or laptop is violating their privacy?

I'm in accordance with Parental Spyware, because it provide security and also alerts parents about any danger their children might come across on the internet. The internet itself is a crime scene and we can't allow our children to get involve in the dangers of internet crimes.


  56 months ago
Parental spyware doesn't sound like it would be good for anyone's computer especially with the ending of 'spyware'. If you are a parent who wants to control what their children access on the internet and you're the provider of the computing device, set-up parental control on the computers that restricts them from accessing certain content on the web. I've experienced this via AOL several years ago and didn't pay it no mind since my main goals on the internet were doing research for school and playing on sites such as those Everything Girl and Dragid. Doing this is a lot safer and isn't as obvious.

  56 months ago
I wouldn't consider it violating their privacy because a good parent should monitor what their child does. This way they can keep them out of harms way because there is a lot of very dangerous individuals on the net, and unfortunately we cannot screen all of them out.


  56 months ago
I do not consider it a violation of privacy when a parent uses parental spyware to track their child(ren)'s internet activity. There are a lot more cases of ill-intentioned people these days. Not to say the internet is exclusive to their methods of deception, but it certainly offers a cloak. Any technology, tricks or intervention a parent can employ to squash an unpleasant outcome and protect their loved ones is fair game. Have no doubt, the deviants are not playing by the rules.


  56 months ago
parents using spyware on children? humming my day it was the neighbors in the neighborhood. Realistically, isn't that their job is the protect and serve. What ever happened to the rights of the parents? Not to object about children's privacy but isn't that what they get when they provide for themselves? I know that is why i moved out early and made sure i had a job to pay my bills so i could have all the freedom i wanted and could afford.

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