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74 months ago

Do you remember your dream from last night or this morning? If you do, please share it with us.

Last night, I dreamed of my childhood home. Every tree, garden and flower bed was in tact, just as it was when I lived there. When I awakened, I wanted to go back home. Then I realized that I couldn't because "home" isn't there any more. My home was razed many years ago. BUT, for those few minutes of my dream, I did go home again and how I enjoyed being there. What a beautiful dream!! Please share your dreams with me.


  74 months ago
I hardly ever remember my dreams and when I do, it's usually something I don't want to remember, lol.


  74 months ago
i dreamt of my daughter playing kick-ball with me great husband in the back yard,laughing,smiling.with me cheering them on.everyone happy and healthy.


  74 months ago
I dreamed of and old friend and I was meeting my mom and dad for supper in a near by town.We were meeting their at the supper club.My mom is passed on ,but it was so vivid ,flowers around the supper club it was a very neat dream ,brought back alot of old fond memeroies.


  74 months ago
i dont remember my dreams...its been a long, long time since i could remember them...sometimes i wish i could remember...i try and try, but to no avail


  74 months ago
a boy had had surgery and was recovering and they were flying people from all over to meet with his parents. I was chosen to go and was accompainied by a military person. After we met with the parents ( I had thiught it was a baby but it was boy of 7 0r 8) we went to a luncheon. I didn't tell anyone I was a nurse or had lost a child at the age of 4-I thought that might be too depressing. The military person was helping me to get in line and get my food. I felt rushed and didn't get much to eat and forgot my cup of tea. As we were leaving the table, I noticed I had no shoes on. I started to look under the table for my shoes. And when I looked at my feet again my shoes were on but on the wrong feet. Try and figure this one out.


  74 months ago
I was in my craft room organizing and there was paper all over the place. I have been organizing this room lately and I guess I brought the effoert to bed.

  74 months ago
I often "go back" to my childhood home and walk through it. Then again, my dreams have never been like other people. When I wake up in the morning, I need to just lie still for a minute and think "OK--where am I?" because my dreams are so REAL. I don't only dream in colors, but texture, sounds, the whole thing. Weird...

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