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48 months ago

Where do we get our morals?

Morals, they promote thoughtfulness, love, kindness, and many other good deeds, but I'm wondering something, are morals indwelling? In other words, are we built in with certain moral obligations? I know that the atmosphere, or the teachings we grow up with greatly influence our sense of moral obligation. For example, a family that consistently teaches a child to do the right thing and to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", will have a greater chance at raising a child who helps others, and cares for others, than a child whose parents let them do whatever they want to to others. But where do these morals come from? Do they come from an inward sense of duty to others? Why do we feel guilty when we do wrong to others? (I am talking about an inward concern when you do something against someone). Could these morals be a result of conscience nudging you to do what is right? Tell me what you think.


  42 months ago
We get our morals when we are still a baby growing to be an adult or when we are still young as a baby and be aged enough to be responsible of what you do in life affecting your environment or other people. Your best teacher or first teacher is your mother. Your mother is the one teaches you how to be a grown up or how to be growing old. The morals will take place. Like opening the door to who ever is next to you or a chewing gum needs to be thrown away but no trash can to be seen. Where will you throw it? Will you throw it anywhere? or stick it under a chair? or chew it? or place it in your pocket so that you will not make a dirt in the environment.


  43 months ago
I believe that our parents teach us morals. They are not just given to us.


  43 months ago
it is to be from our momand dad but guess what with time and who knows what happen to these kids today there is none and kids are havinkids so how can they learn or know when they dont it is a messed up world and i can say i am glad i dont have to be a teen in this time and age


  43 months ago
Our morals should be taught to us by our parents,but some parents didn't care enough to take the time. I do believe our morals come from our hearts. Everyone knows whats wrong and whats right. The choices they make are their own.


  44 months ago
I think they are born in us and also bad is born in us, because we are fallen and sinners. Most babies start out being innocent and sweet. Then they see and hear things and start doing what they want. About the time they start taking their toys away from other kids and hit and do not want to share. :) That is when the parents and others need to start telling them right from wrong. Some do and some do not. I think there is a better chance for the child to be good if they are taught that. Sure, some are raised in good homes and still turn out bad, but I do not think that is the norm. And vice versa.


  45 months ago
I think our morals come from our background and family


  45 months ago
I was taught morals growing from my parents today most people do not even know what morals are any more. I was taught to love one another, help a friend in need, do not try your back on a friend or family. Treat with respect to your elders. Say thank you and please. So tell me where has the morals of old go out the window it seems. This world does not have morals any more just rude and cruel people in the world.


  45 months ago
I think morals have to do with the way we are raised more than anything else. Perhaps we may feel guilty for hurting another person is we think it was the wrong thing to do but that may be a feeling of being sorry for that person rather than feeling sorry for what we did. Perhaps the best example is a case years ago of a family living in caves along the coast of Oregon who would come up and attack and kill travelers on a nearby road. There was no morality or sense of that being wrong because that was the way they were raised in order for the family to survive. Once they were discovered though the entire family was killed because there was no sense of morality, no sense that what they were doing was wrong. We often see the child of an abusive parent become abusive because they are taught that is the way life should be and that becomes their morality, their sense of right or wrong. We are a blank page as babies and that page can be filled with morality or moral obligations or it can be filled with feelings of superiority or hate for others unless we make up our own sense of morality and values. conscience requires that we feel something is wrong but if we are never taught right from wrong, there is no conscience to tell us the difference. In the middle ages when crusaders killed thousands of what they considered to be unbelievers, there was no conscience because they believed what they were doing was God's work and therefore right. A conscience will only make us feel guilty if we feel that we have or are doing something wrong but if we feel that what we are doing is right, we will have no attacks of conscience as we have seen so many times in the past in the slave holding plantations in the confederate states of the old south or the extermination camps in Germany. Morals require morality and without that there is no sense of right or wrong and so no conscience to bother us about what we do or do not do.


  46 months ago
I would have to say that it generally comes from the family, not necessarily a typical family, but family. Not all families are traditional and many people learn from families of their own choosing.


  47 months ago
I agree the foundation for decent morals come from the family unit.

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