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  86 months ago

just in hollywood alone 70% black men rather be with white women. why?

i think i know why but im not going to start on why i think so. im not racist. and most of my friends are black. why do you think black men perfer white women? im watching ricky lake now about how blacks perfer white women and so far they have said black women nag to much and dont respect there men like white women can. they are loud and dont know how to act etc. whats with the race issue?


  86 months ago
If I answer this honestly I'm afraid I will be called a racist. Lets just say i agree with what I read.


  86 months ago
well i,m not racist either and it seems to me that when you are told not to be around something it makes you want it even more.


  86 months ago
Have no idea. Guess you'd have to ask them that. I don't take that sort of stuff personally though..whatever makes people happy. Had an older, black friend of mine who was married to a black man (had 2 kids with him) for years but then left him for a white man who she was with until he died. She told me once that she felt white men treated her much better. I didn't say anything to her at the time but always thought it would really depend on the character of the person. I've seen good & bad in every nationality that I've come across. Would hope that there's not hatred over it. I've turned down people of other races that I didn't feel attracted to (would do with anyone) & they assumed that it was because of their race but I feel that's pretty unfair. To be intimate with someone you need to be basically attracted to them in the first place, regardless of the specifics..some men prefer Asian women.. I find it more a personal men prefer So what, right? I'd rather see a mix/match couple together that got along, than 2 people that look perfect together but can't stop fighting.. Be happy, be yourself.. There is no race issue.


  86 months ago
I don't care really. I am not against interracial relationships' if the man and the woman get along and love one another. I think white women probably nag their husbands' just as much as black women do.

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