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  125 months ago

Toluna sweepstakes!

Well, I am very slow, but better late than never. This last year, just before Christmas, I won the thousand dollar sweepstakes. I didn't get excited because I did not think it was real. I put the Toluna help desk through a lot of trouble I know, making sure the message that I had won was really from them. I hope they forgive me and I know they do, but they must of been saying, Oh geez, her again? More questions?
I first replied to their email notification asking, was this true, but then thought I didn't really know where my mail was going to. Then I went to the BBB and compared their phone number and address with what they had listed in their website. Well, that checked out. Then I decided to go to the Toluna webside and email them from there, knowing that my message would get to them, for sure. Topping it all off I even called. They answered.
By the time I figured out that it was true any excitement I might have had, had king of fizzled out, ha ha, but believe me it was appreciated so much and I was really happy.
Do you think I went a little overboard?????????????????
I was able to put that money on a bill that I am working on paying off, and that put me a lot closer to that goal.
Just want to say thanks to the Toluna team for putting up with me and what I put them through.
Thanks again Toluna,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,RAE


  123 months ago
I won $250!!! Thank you Toluna! Part of this $$ went towards helping our local animal shelter get shade tarps for the pet kennels during this hot, hot summer. Our two adopted shelter pups thank you too, Toluna! People really DO win. Congrats to all the other winners AND to the future winners! Oh and last time I checked, I was real ;) and I have never worked for Toluna . Good luck everyone!


  123 months ago
I won the First Prize from Toluna's June 2011 Sweepstakes!!


  125 months ago
Hope this replies to all. First yes, people really do win. Just wish it could happen more often, ha ha. That would be great. No need to convince anyone that you could win, but good luck to everyone.
I hear ya, jocartee and hope things get better for you. I take care of my almost 98 year old mother, so I don't get to do a lot and try to make extra money doing surveys. I have not had much time to learn how to do all the things in Toluna and that is why I have never posted.
I don't know if I am getting out to everyone or am suppose to reply to each one individually. That could get very time consuming I think.
Anyway, good luck to everyone.
May not be here much but will check back once in a while.

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