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69 months ago

What is a family tradition you’ll pass on to your significant other/kids? Or has something been passed down to you that you would like to share?

I'm Italian & my Husband is Irish. We both have strong roots regarding our heritages.

I love to cook so, holidays are a big thing in my household.
When we cook for holidays, we do it BIG! I incorporate both heritages, Italian/Irish into the meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a big deal as family gathers together to fill our home.

We have 3 sons. One is married with a wonderful Wife whom we've passed down many of the family's recipes to.
But one of the biggest things passed down was to ME! My Mom passed away a week before Thanksgiving in 2003. Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. She was the one who would fill HER home with all the family (both from the states & Italy).

But since she's been gone, I have been the one to fill MY home with those we cherish most. She was a great woman and did so many great things. I can only hope I am doing what she did for over 50 years, will make her proud!


  69 months ago
work hard and play hard, but work hard first. This is something that seems to have gone missing from a large segment of our society. It is up to parents and family to instill a solid work ethic in our children

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