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  84 months ago

How many Sweepstakes Entries do you average on a given month?

I have not been a member for a calander month yet, but for this month so far I have earned 61 Sweepstakes Entries. That seems like a lot, but I keep reading that nobody has really ever met someone who has won a sweepstake. I am just really curious how many Sweepstakes Entries most of you have averaged each month and/or how many you have earned so far this month. If you don't know where to look, the information is at the bottom of your "points in you account" link. Have fun! Oh, and has anyone actually won the sweepstakes ?????


  84 months ago
I have 70 enteries for May but I haven't one anything.


  84 months ago
I have no idea how many sweepstakes entries I average in a month. I have not been a member long enough to calculate an average. Even when I've been a member for a year, I doubt I'd take the time to go back and average it out.


  84 months ago
I have about 50 for April and 70 for May and it's only the 8th. I noticed on the site that many members wonder who actually wins the sweepstakes and if it's a real person.
I have to say that I have never won a sweepstakes on this site but last month I won $50 on another site. And last December I won two drawings which was a first for me. So I do think it's possible to win.
For example the U.S. census sends out special yearly surveys to various addresses. They send 250,000 surveys a month. This year is the first time I ever heard of someone getting the survery. They were skeptical because they didn't know of anyone who had every received one of these yearly community surveys but with a population of over 300 million it's possible. I don't know the ratio to sweepstakes enteries and prizes but if a member can have several hundred in a month I would think the odds would be very long.


  84 months ago
I would say that I average 250 to 300 a month but not really sure either.


  84 months ago
hello Jonathan , i have had nearly 200 sweepstakes in a month but i am not bothered as i know that i never win anything in prize draws or even these sweepstakes as it is all a game of chance. I have never heard of anyone winning in the sweepstakes and there is no way of looking for the members who have won.

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