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69 months ago

My dog has the worst bad breath EVER!! What to do for it? I have tried dog bones, brushing her teeth. Her teeth are fine.

I have tried everything, and nothing works. She won't eat any of the dog treats or bones you can buy. I started brushing her teeth and her tongue, and it still doesn't work.


  68 months ago
Try switching to a food without wheat or yeast. Those two ingredients have been linked to many health issues, including bad breath. Once a dog has been on a new food without these for at least a few weeks, the bad breath will go away (if it's food that's causing the problem). Look at the treats you are giving.if they have wheat or yeast in them, get rid of them. Also try adding Tropiclean's Breath Fresh to your dogs water. You should notice a big difference in a few days.


  69 months ago
I had the same problem. Petsmart recommended that I try Canyon Creek Ranch Natural Duck Tenders. Not only does my dog love them, his breath is much better. They are a little pricey but they are well worth it. if you have a Petsmart in your area, you can buy them to try, and if your dog will not eat them, you can take them back as long as you keep your receipt. Good luck!


  69 months ago
I say you mash her mouth out with soap, floss each and every single day, and then just pour Listerine down her throat and that might cover up the smell (don't know if it will get rid of it though, lol). I have no earthly idea since I know from experience that dog's breath is killer, and I don't think anyone can cure that dog's breath. Her breath smells like a dead animal even though she's a sweet dog, but it don't say much about her on her end though. Keep brushing, buying dog treats and bones, and pray REAL hard and a miracle just might actually happen in that dog's mouth.
It's most likely from some sort of relux the dog has or heart burn that can cause the bad breath. I feel really sorry for her since I know it's horrible having bad breath, but it's so hard to be around her with it being so bad and all.

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