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70 months ago

Do you understand what Tolunas TANGO card is?

I thought that with the TANGO card that I used 75,000 points to get, I would get my choice of store cards ie Amazon,Target ect...but when I pushed convert it just went to processing the same as if I pushed for a check. Do you know what the TANGO card does for us?


  69 months ago
Wow I never knew about these tango cards, very interesting. I think I'll stick to cash myself. Thanks for the info.

  70 months ago
I think the answer is already below but after selecting the card you are supposed to receive a code under Your Payments and Vouchers in a few days then with the code select your gift card. You appear to have to get them 1 at a time so while 225,000 pts could get you 75 in a gift card while you need 240,000 for one 80 dollar check you'd get 3 gift cards of $25 (amazon will let you combine gift cards but not all retailers will). To me the gain doesn't seem that worth it.


  70 months ago
I have no idea what a tango card does. I just get the checks.


  70 months ago
Now, that you know what a Tango Card does below after you request it from Toluna and wait for its arrival,consider this alternative measure with your points.
Redeem your points for a check, then go to this website below:
Once there, scroll down to the name of the company you intend to use your bought giftcard and access that giftcard's website directly through withever shopping portal you might consider based upon the type of additional reward you might want to earn, like airmiles or hotel rewards points or rebate monies for the actual redemption of the giftcard at that giftcard store.
Let's say you want to buy a giftcard from your local grocery store to earn some additional reward, you could go shop at via a portal taking you to instead you simply going to via typing the website name in your browser.
At that listing of different portals and stores, check out
Another possible route would be to buy your giftcard at or bing,or for a possible monetary rebate?


  70 months ago
part Three:
What if I have a problem with a Gift Card after I receive it?
Once you receive a gift card, the merchant provides customer support directly to you, just like any gift card. You can find a customer service number on the back of most gift cards. Alternatively, you can find contact information in the terms and conditions section if you click on any Retailer card. If you cannot find this information, just email us and we'll provide it.
Where can I see the full Terms and Condition of the gift cards?
Please click TOS on our site for Tango Card, or click the Merchant links below.
Where can I redeem the electronic gift card amount?
Electronic gift cards can be redeemed only at the merchant's store or website. Please review the available redemption methods listed on your electronic gift card.
What happens if I lose the gift card or it is stolen?
Each retailer has its own policy toward lost and/or stolen gift cards. Please contact that retailer directly. But generally, lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced. Several of the merchants we work with will replace any unused value on a gift card if you contact them and have all of your gift card information. (Tango Card provides a free web service and a free iPhone application where you can store all of your card information.) In any event, please treat gift cards like cash.
If my recipient did not receive the electronic gift card, can the electronic gift card be resent?
Yes, we can resend the electronic gift card to the email address listed in the original order. Prior to calling us, please check the following:
Confirm the email address you used as recipient email address is correct. If you had used an incorrect email address, we will not be able to send out a new card.
Confirm that the electronic gift card is not in the recipient's spam/junk folder.
If the email address you used is correct and the electronic gift card is not in the recipient's spam/junk folder, please call Customer Care at 877-55-TANGO. We will resend the electronic gift card to your recipient.
How do I enter gift cards I already have at your site?
This feature is not yet available. Download our free iPhone app for this service.
Can I check balances at your site?
For many gift card Retailers listed in the My Cards section, Tango Card will automatically enter and update the balance of a gift card you have entered for your account.
Can I manage and track on gift cards I purchased elsewhere?
Absolutely. You'll find it's a great way to keep track of all of your gift cards.
Can I return a Tango Card?
Tango Cards cannot be returned. They can be used to purchase retailer cards, make donations, and redeemed for cash however.
Can I cancel an order?
Once an order is fulfilled, it cannot be canceled. Please ensure that your order is correct and the recipient email address is accurate before placing your order.
My question is not answered here -- how can I contact Tango Card?
Yes! Contact us and we can assist you.
What are your customer service hours?
The Tango Card Customer Service business hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday - Friday. Calls other times will be answered the next day.


  70 months ago
part Two:
Can I buy Tango Cards to give to others and Gift Cards for myself at the same time?
No problem. At checkout, just select the "Ship to" option for each type of product and enter the appropriate addresses.
What forms of payment can I use?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Debit cards that do not require a PIN number are also an acceptable form of payment.
Can I include a message with an electronic Tango Card?
You can enter a personal message of up to 140 characters; however, a personal message is not required.
Applies to physical also
How is a physical gift card delivered?
The gift card will arrive in a plain envelope. Within the envelope, the gift card will be adhered to an attractive notecard. This notecard provides the recipient with good product information.
How will my recipient know that the email with an electronic gift card is a legitimate email and not spam?
The subject line of the email will state: "Your name" has sent you an electronic gift card and the "From" line will state Tango Card ( You may want to ask your recipient to allow email from the domain in order to prevent the email from being filtered to spam.
How do I make donations with my Tango Card?
Go to the Donation section of the site by clicking here, select the nonprofit organization(s) to which you want to donate and the amount you want to donate. You complete the donation in the checkout process.
Do I get a tax deduction if I make a donation?
That will depend on your personal tax situation, but your will receive confirmation of your donation, usually within 30 to 90 days.
How do I redeem my Tango Card for cash?
Tango Card is the only company in the industry that offers this ability. You are able to do this regardless of where you live and regardless of the value on your card. We will send you a check for the unused balance on the Tango Card. To redeem the card for cash, just follow these steps
Please register as a member on our site. It's free to do.
Second, click on your Tango Card and select redeem for cash.
The "fine print":
The Tango Card must have been purchased at least 30 days prior to a cash redemption request. We do this to protect against fraudulent use of this service. Unfortunately, fraud has become a major challenge for the industry and this is a requirement for us to protect against improper use of this service.
We will mail checks 30 days after a cash redemption request.
This feature may only be used once per card - i.e., you must redeem 100% of the remaining value of the card whether it is $3 or $100.
We deduct a nominal fee (7%) for the service, plus our postage costs.
Why can't I donate unused value or get cash back from a Merchant's Gift Card?
For now, only the Tango Card offers these options. However, we are working on this and will be announcing new programs and promotions in the near future to help you use all of the value in all of your gift cards. Stay tuned!
I need to have a Tango Card or a Gift Card delivered fast! Do you provide expedited shipping?
Yes. In addition to standard first class mailing, we also provide options for 2-3 day expedited and even overnight delivery. Additionally, the Tango Card and several of our merchant gift cards are available for electronic delivery. There is no cost to send an electronic gift card. Electronic gift cards are delivered to the recipient one business day after purchase.
What if I do not live in the US?
The website can only ship products within the United States. In addition, we do not support international customers and international payment methods at this time.


  70 months ago
Part One:
Tango Card is based in Seattle and our customer service representatives are here to assist you. If you can't find an answer to your question in our FAQs, please contact us.
What is a Tango Card?
The Tango Card is the most flexible and thoughtful card available. It is a great gift, but it is not a traditional "gift card." It allows the holder to use the value on the Tango Card site to (i) purchase premier merchant gift cards, (ii) donate to great causes, or (iii) redeem any balance for cash. You can use the value on a single Tango Card to do any or all of these.
What is the difference between a Tango Card and the Retailer Gift Cards on your site?
The Tango Card is a multipurpose card that is used and redeemed here, at our website. The merchant gift cards are purchased on our site and then used at the merchant's retail and online stores.
What is Value Conservation™?
Value Conservation™ is Tango Card's service mark that describes the many ways consumers use all of the value stored in their cards, whether through the selection of the perfect gift card, the donation of dollar value from a Tango Card to a very worthy cause, or the redemption of Tango Card value for cash.
What is Value Management™?
Value Management™ is our service mark for the tools we provide at our website and through our iPhone app to help our members manage and monitor their gift card balances and to remind them of the cards they have available to use.
How do I use my Tango Card?
It's easy! First, log in the Tango Card's number (19 digits) and PIN (six digits). After that, it's ready to use. If you want to purchase more than the balance on your Tango Card, you can pay the balance with your credit card or Paypal at checkout.
How do I purchase Gift Cards with my Tango Card?
Go to the "Use My Tango Card" tab, select gift card(s) in the amounts and styles you want, and proceed to checkout.
Do I need to create an account?
No. You are not required to create an account in order to purchase from Tango Card. However, creating an account will allow you to:
Redeem Tango Card balances for cash.
Manage your gift card balances.
View your order history.
What is an electronic gift card?
An electronic gift card is delivered electronically to your recipient. The recipient receives an email with instructions to download and print the electronic gift card. The electronic gift card can be redeemed on the web, in store, by mail, or phone, depending on the retailer. Check retailer-specific terms and conditions for more details on redemption.
Can I purchase an electronic gift card and a physical gift card in the same order?
Can I order a Tango Card and have it delivered to a different address?
Yes. Just select the appropriate options at checkout. We only send to U.S. locations. We also can send the Tango Card electronically, if you'd prefer.


  70 months ago
About Tango Card
At Tango Card, we love gift cards and, most likely, so do you. Gift cards were the most requested gift of 2009. They're simple, convenient and who doesn't love receiving one?
But as much as we love them, gift cards aren't perfect. We still receive cards we don't want, end up with small, unusable balances and even misplace them sometimes. That's why we created Tango Card. We're dedicated to helping you get the right gift card every time and then use every penny of it.
How do we do that? We're constantly coming up with new solutions, but here's what we offer right now:
The Tango Card
The Tango Card is the perfect way to make sure you get the right gift card every time. You can redeem it for gift cards from premier stores and donate any balance to one of our great non-profit partners. And if you still can't find anything you want, we're the first company to redeem any card balance for cash. Click here if you want to buy a Tango Card or if you want to use a Tango Card.
Value Management and iPhone App
Use Value Management and our free iPhone app to make sure you use all the value on your gift cards. You can check your gift card balances in one place and store the numbers for online shopping, especially useful in case you misplace a card. Plus, our Tango Meter and email alerts will remind you to use your cards if they go unused for too long. Click Organize My Cards or download our iPhone app to get started.
The Best Gift Cards
Tango Card is also your source for the best gift cards. You can buy specific store cards directly from our website and have them mailed or sent electronically to your recipient. We only carry the best cards, with no expiration dates, no hidden purchase fees and no inactivity charges. Click Buy Gift Cards to check out our selection.
And we plan to continue launching more services to help you get the most out of your gift cards.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page or contact Customer Service.


  70 months ago
Personally, i would have requested the checks versus Tango cards or other venues.
So what that a tango card can give you the ability to redeem it for a gift card at Amazon or target,etc.
Think of how you can yourself purchase a gift card for Amazon,target,etc without the involvement of Toluna and its usage of Tango cards.
Does your local grocery store award yourself for buying gift cards?
if so, redeem for checks from Toluna and cash that check and go buy gift card from grocery store.
if not, take the check,cash it and go buy the same gift card via a rewards earning portal that either awards you with rebate cash, or frequent flyer airmiles or hotel reward points per dollar spent via the portal?
Giftcards are a tangible asset that makes the vendor selling them a profit.Why not YOU control the route that gets your gift card.
Meaning, let's say you redeem for a Tango Card, then you redeem your Tango card for some gift card.Guess what? Tango makes a profit getting you that gift card, instead of you having cashed your Toluna check and taking that cash and buying that gift card yourself.
Now, take that Toluna cashed check and use a shopping portal and get paid (rebate)either money,airmiles,hotel points to buy that same gift card.
Only now, you are controlling whom is the middle man.
use Toluna and Tango to get your gift card is earning themselves a commission instead of you.
I would never bother giving any profit to a 3rd party source unless i controlled a part of the commission base by way of earning something, whether it was a discount at my grocery store whom awards myself a discount off gasoline purchases, or some free airmiles,etc.


  70 months ago
I am not sure either, but I saw a topic of one of the members with her experience and it wasn't that positive. I am sorry, but I cannot recall who it was. I am not going to bother with it and just go for the checks.

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