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59 months ago

Do you like going to school?

School is important, but I hate it. So much stress; homework, tests, essay, and classwork. I stay up late in the night studying and completing my homework. I have to go to school everyday, it is so boring.


  54 months ago
When i was in school i hated it as i had to wake up at 6 go to school at 7:30 and then reach home late at 7 then learn and the tests.....they made me sick.But when i got out of it, i relly miss school ,my friends and my teachers.I sometimes wish i could go back to school again.


  56 months ago
I didn't liked to go to school. I could learn easily and I had a lot of friends there but I still didn't liked it. I stopped as soon as I had my diploma and I had a lot of dreams about me going back to school. I really enjoyed getting awake of that nightmare!


  57 months ago
I'm surprised that you have to go to school every day. I had a neice who just go of college a year ago and a few semsters she had to go four days a week but mainly 2 or 3. I have a nephew who just goes 2 days a week. I wondering what your major is Math, Science, Etc. losts of lab, homework
When I went to college it was either 2 or 3 days a week only I had to work 20 part time hours just to go. You don't mention if you have a part time job.
Also, do you live on a campus. Living on campus I thinks changes the experince for people. It's easier to go to classes and schedule so you only go a couple days a week. Also, it cuts down on the commute for me was an hour or more there depending on the time and 30-45 back. Also, I had to stay on campus and couldn't go back to my dorm room, apt or house if I had breaks in my schedule which was MWF 8-1 or TTH 7:00-3:30 or 8:30-4:45
I did like some of my electives and my major. I hated the hard science class I was always a C student but for my major I got mainly A and a couple of B's. And for history, psychology, sociolgy I got mainly A's or B's and had an affinity. Maybe by selecting classing that you do well in will help you decide on a new major, or maybe you get A's and B's in everything and just work so hard to be a good student that it exhaust you and even if you taking subject that might enjoy you end up dislinking and thinking their boring.


  57 months ago
I am long out of school, and I loved it. I liked to read, and I like to research and study, so school was right up my alley. I wish I could have gone on to college.


  57 months ago
I'm notgoing to school anymore; but I enjoyed college much more than junior high and high school. It was a whole different atmosphere; and people were there to learn and not just fool around.


  58 months ago
hello hawk , i used to hate my school years when i was younger , i used to threaten my father that i was not going to go but he he would say that if he ever found that i had missed then he would have it for me . I used to be terrified of my parents so did as i was told.


  58 months ago
I hate going to school every day too! I feel like I've been at school for way too long. (Although this Thursday is my last day of class FOR GOOD!) I know, exciting! Heh. But yeah, I hate it. I feel like I don't learn much either. My teachers always go soooo slow. Then at the end they assign us homework. Why not give it to us at the start of class so I can work on it throughout class? Ugh, frustrating! Instead I sit there for three hours, totally zoning out. Then I still get 100 on my assignment but STILL three hours wasted :(


  58 months ago
I am so glad that I got my education and have no interest in going back to school again.


  58 months ago
I didn't like high school but sure had a lot of fun in college. I'm not saying I like tests, I don't but the learning and the instructors were so nice.


  58 months ago
I like it but I'm always up to my eyeballs in homework even on weekends and we have a test like every day. Stressful!!!

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