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59 months ago

Real or Scam?

I just voted on a poll which asked if Toluna was real or a scam. At the time when I took the poll, 57% voted that Toluna was "real," while 43% said that it was a "scam." I'm interested in knowing why those who think the site is a scam are still active members. I don't get that! I also just saw an opinion topic about the Tango cards where one member kept harping that Toluna is a "SCAM!" He had something like three responses where he kept yelling, "SCAM!" Then why participate? Is it because hope springs eternal for these people? Please enlighten me!


  55 months ago
I 'm with Toluna for 8 month, they don't willing to pay me, each time I try to cash out they rejected, rejected, and rejected, and never and ever reply my e mail, very terrible. I'm still waiting for my check. if they don't reply my e mail, how do I know what's my problem why they keep rejected my payment???
I have contacted them for 5 times, there is 5 open mails requested in my account waiting for answers, please any one from Toluna read this mail, please read my e mails,please. REALLY WASTE MY TIME KEEP WRITING TOLUNA E MAIL, AND ANGRY FOR NOT GET PAY FOR MY REALLY HARD WORKING TIME ON THE SURVEY......


  56 months ago
I think I did the same poll or one very similar to it. I think this person, may have been a part of other survey sites, that were scams or the requirements for any awards so very high it was close to impossible to reach. I did reply to the member that Toluna is not a scam and is one of the very best, if not the best survey site available. I have received more from Toluna than the other survey sites I belong to, and I have been a Toluna member for much less time. I personally will continue to opt for the checks as long as they are available, I have found with the gift cards, I spend a lot more of my own money for an item I am interested in.


  56 months ago
I've seen that a lot regarding the sweepstakes drawings and have wondered too why they think that. I'm not sure why those people seem so disgruntled. The points and money I get is real and I think it's one of the top survey spots. I love it and enjoy the Toluna friends I have met.


  56 months ago
It's definitely real ... if someone thinks it is a scam then they should not be on here I guess. I dunno. I've gotten paid so I'm not worried!

  57 months ago
Toluna at one time was valid service. They bought another company I originally signed up with to take market research surveys. And yes, over time, I did receive several checks. But after a while, I became being accepted for fewer and fewer surveys, and eventually, none. The ones I was accepted for would stop for one reason or another in the middle of the survey and ask me to complete a trouble ticket, and then nothing ever happened. NOW they actually subtract points from your account over time, so if you don't earn enough points to redeem for an award within a set time, you lose points. I just tried to redeem some music downloads, after which I plan to cancel my account. I would have already cancelled, but my request is being "processed."


  58 months ago
Seems okay to me. takes a while to get credit for all your points earned but I have received three checks without any trouble.


  58 months ago
I'm not really sure what your asking, but its sound like is Toluna real or scam. Of course its real, they pay me vouchers, which sure take a long to arrive, but I do eventually get them. So for me its very much real, the new members think its a scam becuase they think the vouchers will never turn up.


  58 months ago
Some people are just looking for something for nothing. Maybe they feel if they yell loud enough, Toluna will give them some points.


  58 months ago
Toluna is very much real. I haven't been a member as long as you have, but I have been very satisfied with the points that I have earned. I feel I qualify for more surveys on this site than others I'm with and I truly have no problem with the time it takes to get a check. All I can guess is that that the person is new or the person is trying to start trouble.
If the person doesn't like the site, than Unsubscribe. No one is making him participate.


  58 months ago
That is very odd that someone would ask this question. I wonder if they are a new member or if this was a way to grab attention to get points. Of course, Toluna is real!!!!

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