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59 months ago

Father of Kidnapped Son gets Revenge-1984 Remember those moments on TV?-Jeffrey Doucet bites the bullet

In 1984, Jody Plauché (then 11) was taking martial art lessons from karate Instructor (and pedophile) Jeffrey Doucet (25), in Louisiana.
The boy was kidnapped by Doucet and taken to a California motel, while police searched the country for him and the boy.

He was eventually tracked down when he made a collect phone call to his mother, who asked for “time and charges” and the operator told her the call was originating from Room #38 at the then-named Samoa Motel, 425 W Katella Avenue, ANAHEIM CA 92802–3607 (now called, “America’s Best Value Inn”).

Local authorities were summoned and they arrested Doucet without incident (he supposedly voluntarily surrendered), and was quickly extradited back to Louisiana to face formal kidnapping charges.

Leon “Gary” Plauché, (39, in 1984), was Jody’s father and good friends with certain high-ranking police officers in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Department, which is how he learned exactly when Jeffrey Doucet would be arriving at Ryan Airport.

On Friday, March 16th, 1984, at around 9:30 PM, Central Time, as Jeffrey Doucet was being led in handcuffs by police officers through the airport, they walked past a bank of pay telephones, while a local TV station news crew was videotaping.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Leon “Gary” Plauché was pretending to use one of those phones when Jeffrey Doucet walked past with his police escorts. As the videotape camera recorded, Leon “Gary” Plauché leveled a firearm at Doucet’s head, firing once and scoring a direct hit, killing him almost instantly, at the airport. (Some reports said that so perfectly-aimed was the shot, that “Doucet was dead, before he fell down.”)

In an example of just how “Louisiana justice” works, Plauché pleaded “no contest” to a reduced charge of manslaughter, was given a suspended prison term and sentenced to five years of probation, which he completed in 1989.

To this day, he maintains in every interview that, “If it had been your son who was sexually abused by that pervert, you would have done exactly the same thing I did, if you had been given my opportunity.” [paraphrased, not verbatim]

So, pretend that this is your own child who has been kidnapped and sexually abused. Would you do what Mr. Plauché did, if you had the same chances he did?

Story line text above copied from Jack Adams.

I would have done the same, and you???


  54 months ago
I'd respectfully have to agree with that father, because I would probably have that much hate and rage when it came to my child.


  59 months ago
I have two sons and to me I would love to do this to the pervert, but I could not


  59 months ago
Yep, I would have taken the chance with the legal consequences. Although I am not in favor of vigilante justice., I can accept what the father did to revenge what happened to his son. I also think that Louisiana showed maturity and understanding when they sentenced him. I applaud their decision.


  59 months ago
Yes, i would have done the same.Justice was served are a fair price.The price of one bullet.Good thing he did not miss and shot one of the sheriffs by mistake.
The cost of one bullet saved alot of money for the state


  59 months ago
wow id shot him too.. i would hate to go to jail and be away from my son right after i got him back but (he didnt go) so why not. id so would have shot and killed him .. thats so eff'd up. i do not have kids but if i did and someone touched them or did anything to them that would haunt me and my child for the rest of our lives, im sorry but i would take that shit into my own hands. they would be dead or wish they would be dead.


  59 months ago
Yes, I would absolutely have done the same, almost. I would have shot him twice.


  59 months ago
yes i would do you know how sick that is that pervert got he should had live so get the same thing in jail that he did to the child doucet is right and i stand with him on this one


  59 months ago
AROUND THE NATION; Man Sentenced in Killing Of Suspected Kidnapper
Published: August 28, 1985
BATON ROUGE, La., Aug. 27— A father who fatally shot a man suspected of kidnapping and sexually assaulting his son was given a suspended prison term today and sentenced to five years of probation.
The man, Leon Gary Plauche, 39 years old, had pleaded no contest to manslaughter in the death of Jeffrey Doucet, 25, who was shot in the head in the Baton Rouge airport in March 1984.
The shooting occurred as deputies were returning Mr. Doucet in handcuffs from California, where he had been arrested on a charge of kidnapping Mr. Plauche's 11-year-old son.
Judge Frank Saia of State District Court sentenced Mr. Plauche to undergo treatment for substance abuse and perform 300 hours of community service work.


  59 months ago
I'd like to say that I would have done the same......but. You never really know until you are in that situation. So, conditionally, yes. I'd do the same. But, would I really?

  59 months ago
I would have probably wanted to do the same but I would not have done it. I would let justice take its course.

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