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68 months ago

why do people get grumpy when they get old?

because they dont have meaningful lives. But why make everyone around you unhappy


  68 months ago
Some of us get grumpy because it is difficult to keep our heads above water financially. Sometimes we feel our children can do better with their lives. We want the best for our kids. Also, it is very difficult to get the medical care we need. I hate saying this, but I feel the medical profession is not what it use to be.


  68 months ago
Not all people are grumpy simply because they are older. I have met quite a few "younger" people who are grumpy everyday with everyone. And having to be around these grumpy young people day in and day out has a tendancy to make me grumpy. In case you haven't already guessed I am older. Another thing that makes me grumpy is being yelled at by these younger folks when I don't hear what they say in a normal tone of voice from the other room or when they are walking away from me. Yes I have some hearing loss but I am not deaf. Say my name first so that I know you are speaking to me not the other people in the room. Turn and look at me when you are talking to me. That makes it easier to hear you. Another reason we may be grumpy is the fact that sometimes as you get older you start to have pain in places you didn't even know you had. Something about being in constant pain even though you are taking pain meds has a tendancy to make a person grumpy whether they are younger are older. Be careful when you say that older people "don't have meaningful lives". One day you will be older and then you will have a true understanding of what it means to be older and why we seem to be grumpy all the time. Until then I strongly recommend that you try some of the things I have suggested when dealing with older people. Remember two things. First is that one day you will turn around and be that older person. And second the older grumpy person is going to be gone one of these days. If they are someone that you love (even though they are grumpy and make everyone around them unhappy) you will miss them.


  68 months ago
Grumpiness in anyone, old or young could be because of fear, lonliness, sadness, or aches and pain in the body. They may not be able or willing to communicate these situations with loved ones or acquantances and resultantly reacts in a manner that is perceived as grumpy.


  68 months ago
People don't get grumpy when they get old. They learn those behavior attitudes when they are young. Look at teen girls or boys. Many old have more meaning and reverence in thei rlives than any younger person. You will understand as you age:) TRUST you will most likely be a grumpy old person !!

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