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58 months ago

Have you ever lied to your boss? If so, what did you lie to him/her about?

I have lied to my boss about other employees whom I have supervised in order to help them or save them from being disciplined. I believe a good supervisor or manager who has subordinate employees has a duty to protect them from unnecessary or unfair punishment or sanctions from the "higher-ups."


  58 months ago
No. My boss is fairly laid back and I don't really talk to him much so I haven't had a need to lie to him about anything.


  58 months ago
No, I don't remember ever lying.I have a great boss and can't see where I would have to.


  58 months ago
You would make a decent shop steward. I wish there were more people like you in the work force. I have seen the opposite of so many supervisors. I had one supervisor who I watched deliberately through his lack action cause harm to an apprentice.
Anyways enough of that - yes, I have lied to my boss, once I lied so I could stay home with my child, a few months prior when I had tried to take time off to take care of my son my bosses asked me why my wife couldn't do it ( I guess all us workers look the same in a pair of coveralls). As you can see from my display pic - I am a woman, so I didn't feel bad for saying I was sick with pneumonia. The second time I lied to a boss was when my carpooler didn't come to work because his wife left him the night before and I found him drunk on his porch. I told him I would take care of the boss and so when I showed up to work without my carpooler, I told the boss that he had a car accident and needed a few days off. After work started I called my carpooler and told him what was what and he called in to tell the same story.


  58 months ago
I wouldn't lie about anything important. Little white lie maybe like 'who turned up the A/C?', I dunno. I've got a great poker face so my lies can be very believeable but I don't abuse You have to be careful about lying for others as that tends to backfire when they confess or another employee, who feels unrepresented, spills the beans. I'd think your job would be to make sure they don't make the same mistakes.. I'd warn them once that I'd cover their butt, next time they'll have to deal with it. How are they ever supposed to learn? What happens when your not there one day & they get caught? Will they be willing to lie for you? Or will they just state that you let them get away with it before? Your duty should be to make sure they learn from their mistakes. I had a boss who used to cover up for her employees but she'd tell them that if they ever admitted she'd deny it & never do it again. Your a thoughtful boss but most will just hold those type of things against you at some point. I'd rather be told of my mistakes, so I can stop doing it the wrong way. An employee is only as good as the person who trained them in the first place. Teach your workers to learn to cover their own butts. If you make your supervisor look good, then normally but rarely you both benefit. What would you say to your boss if he caught you in lie about it? Lie more or confess everyones wrong doings, including yours? Once you compromise your bosses trust, then who will they believe then? I'd want you to be honest with me.

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