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  90 months ago

Why do people rent self-storage lockers and then leave all their items to be auctioned off?

After watching storage wars I saw that people leave valuable items like baseball cards, coin collections, fishing supplies, etc. behind in their storage lockers. Why would people rent space and then not pay only to have their items auctioned off to pay for the storage fees?


  89 months ago
They just cannot throw anything away and accumulate so much stuff they have to rent out space to hold it all, then they forget what they have.


  90 months ago
Yes, I am amazed at this as well, but I told my husband I think perhaps some of it is that people die and no one knows they have a storage locker, thus no one ever returns to pick things up.


  90 months ago
I don't think people mean to not pay and watch their items be sold or stolen. I think you can underestimate the exact cost of the rental unit, and if you get in a bind with your other bills, you forget about the stuff you have stored. I rented a small one once to store the furniture I was buying to put in the home I was buying. Boy was I glad I didnt have it longer than 6 months because it added up.

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