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61 months ago

I make too much money to qualify for food stamps, but I can't AFFORD to buy groceries. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to be an exception on the food satmps salary scale?

Can I show them the many disconnection notices, that I recieve from gas and electric? Can I show them my friggin fridge that has had one onion and condiments in there for six months? Thankfully, I can afford to buy dog food! But I don't think its fair! They turn me down, yet I can't go grocery shopping! There is so much peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and tuna I can eat!


  60 months ago
Check out if there is a food bank or survival center in your area that might offer a food service or program you can qualify for.


  61 months ago
Try going back to the DPH or whoever runs your food stamp program. Each city is different, but they should probably be taking into consideration not just your income, but also your expenses. Bring your lease/rental agreement, utility bills, phone bills, etc. If you are lucky, you may be assigned a case worker who is willing to work with you and let little things slide or give you credits for expenses that technically don't qualify.
Dog food is actually one of the things you may be able to get for free if there is a participating program in your area. Check with the SPCA in your area. If you have no luck there, try to find a recipient program or charity of the PETCO Foundation's "We Are Family Too" fund - which is supposed to allow for donations of dog food. If you can get your dog food for free, this may free up some resources for human food.
Your local food bank should likely hand out pre-filled bags of groceries (nothing special, usually staples like rice, pasta, and canned goods) on a certain day. Most cities have a program like this, and they should not ask questions about your income.
If you are truly starving, check with local churches for meals served to the homeless ("soup kitchen" style).
If you are really at a total lack for resources, try to get creative. Most people would probably not think of this, but if you live in an urban area, there is likely a needle-exchange in your area. They sometimes offer pre-packaged snacks, and because of the nature of the program, do not ask a lot of questions.
If you still do not qualify for any programs, and you find that you really cannot afford food, you may want to re-examine where all your income is going. If you can save money on small things, it can add up. Try to find an apartment with lower rent, get someone to move in with you, cut your energy and heat usage to the bare minimum, buy only generic brands, use energy efficient lightbulbs, you get the idea. And try to remember, we all have to sacrifice at times. Some people would kill for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you're above the salary cap, that means you're making more money than everyone on food stamps, so there must be something your money is going towards you can cut back on (unless you insist on a certain standard of living). It can be depressing and stressful to go without what you're used to, just try to stay motivated and remember you will be stronger in the end for what you've endured. I know it can be hard when you're trying to provide safety, satiety, and stability for your pet while struggling yourself, just try to think objectively and do whatever you can.


  61 months ago
Is there something that you're spending your money on that you could cut back on? Did you show them ALL your expenses? Everything you spend your money on?


  61 months ago
I understand. I was on food stamps, got a dollar raise and made 40 over the gross. I left there crying wondering how I was going to feed my kids. I had no home phone, no cell phone, no cable, living at the very minimal and then go out to the room and people on expensive phones and nice clothes, nice cars. The lady at the food stamp office even told me a car wasn't a necessity. How did she get to work? They really need to reform the program. If car insurance is mandatory then why isn't that counted? Oh that is right we live in the horse and buggy era! I wonder how they get their figures on what Americans can really live off of?


  61 months ago
I'm glad you brought that up. I know it has been really hard on folks ever since the economy went belly up. My husband got laid off from work over a year ago and when he went back to work, he had to take a job making $12 an hour LESS than what he was making. So I starting of thinking of ways to help with our budget. I started a home business cleaning foreclosure homes. (Just post an ad on craigs list). It's not a great deal of money, but it helps. If you clean your own home and I'm sure you do, you already have everything necessary to do it. Another thing we did is, when it started getting cold, we closed off rooms of our home that we don't use and blocked the vents. Instead of using our central gas unit where our gas bill usually runs about $200 a month, we started using electric space heaters. One in the kitchen and one in the living room. And we just use an electric blanket at night on our bed. On my grocery bill, I started using coupons. There are good ones in the Sunday paper and many more that you can print from offline. Go to, that site really helps. Last week I bought $59 worth of groceries for $28. I use my coupons when the items go on sale unless it is something I really need, much bigger discounts that way. I'm also starting my vegetable garden now, from seeds (much cheaper) inside my house so they will be ready for planting outside by spring. Seeds are really cheap, and if you plant enough you can have enough for canning and having all year. Good luck to ya!


  61 months ago
Maybe you can find a way to stretch those food bills. Make the food last longer, bake your own bread. I hate to say it, but, maybe you need to place the dog (if you do have one) up for adoption so that the money spent on your dog can go towards food for yourself. Another suggestion would be to go to your local Church or food pantry, or even if there is a local Soup kitchen, to see if someone there can help you out. I do hope that things do start getting better for you. I honestly do. Take care. Good luck to you.


  61 months ago
Check out Angel Food Ministries -
By buying food from first rate suppliers at substantial volume discounts, Angel Food Ministries is able to provide families with approximately $65 worth of quality nutritious food for $30.


  61 months ago
Canceling your internet service would certainly give you some food money. Look for a part time job or a better job. Start your own home based business. Many towns and counties have a food bank to help folks who can't afford enough food. Plant a garden. If you are a member of a Church, check with your minister to see who can help you. You have to be responsible for yourself and not expect anyone to give you something you have not earned. Beans and rice and hard work.


  61 months ago
I understand your position fully. I am very far behind on my bills, too. I have a daughter who is almost two and I have thought of the things I could do to make more money or cut back on what I already have. I have a dog and have thought about taking him to the Humane Society to cut back on the cost of caring for him, although I would hate to do that. I have began to live a simpler life and have even gotten a second job, which I hate that I have to take more time away from my child. I have also looked into heating assistance. Even if you don't qualify for food stamps, you may qualify for different government aid. It's hard, but sometimes it helps to know that you are not the only person going through this. Hang in there! Have a positive outlook and cut out things that are not truly necessary to you.


  61 months ago
what about unemployment depending on what state you live in you may qualify for unemployment so that is my suggestin

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