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74 months ago

What is the price of a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi in your area?

Where I live in Saginaw, Michigan the average price for a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi runs right about $1.99 a bottle. Sometimes you can get a bottle on sale for less than that, but it is rare. In my opinion that is really too much for a bottle of soda. If we are paying that much for just one bottle of pop, then they should make the deposit $0.20 back on every bottle or can you buy that you will get back when you return the empty bottles, but when you buy the soda the price you have to pay for deposit at the checkout is still 0.10 cents on every can or bottle. This would probably make the customers a little more happy to buy the products since the price so high to buy the soda. If you have a different opinion I would love to be able to read what other people think of this, and if they have any comments to what I have already place in my opinion. Thanks.


  71 months ago
hmmm. dont really pay attention. If it is onsale maybe 78 cents. If not up to 3 bucks( i think that may be too high of a guess) For a personal bottle well, i dont buy those really either. Sorry, Im not much help! Ok.. so, 40 words? What am i at?


  74 months ago
A 2 litter bottle is $1.99 around me, but there is often a sale somewhere for $.99. We have a store where we can buy a fountain drink for only $.59 and they are pretty big. We cannot do the deposit back here in Ohio so we don't get anything back.


  74 months ago
Those products are pretty much the same everywhere & depends more on where you buy it. If we were, we would of bought some stock in the company at the rate that we drink it.

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