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  92 months ago

How to earn points on Toluna?

Although I am a Toluna member for almost two years now, I wasn’t too active so far, and I’m not sure what is the best way of earning points here. I’m doing sponsored polls each day, but I’m not the fan of the surveys – it takes too long to complete them, you get screened out easily, and it’s just a waste of time. So what are other ease ways of earning points? Creating polls? Creating topics? Writing opinions in topics created by others? I haven’t noticed any increase of points from such activity yet, but maybe I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?


  87 months ago
Just be as active as possible, create polls and opinions. Reply to other people polls and opiniions and they will hopefully return the favour. The more opinins you get then you will start getting points - good luck


  88 months ago
The surveys are the best way to earn points. The sponsored polls give you a few points that add up. You get points for each of your topics, depending on how many replies you get. 500 points for 21 replies, 1000 for 31 replies and 2000 for 41 replies and so on. You can only earn a maximum of 15,000 a month for these though. If you leave opinions on other peoples topics you get 100 points for every reply you leave that's over 80 words long. You can earn a maximum of 5000 points a month for these. The more you visit other peoples sites and leave opinions on their topics the more they will visit your page and earn you points. If you don't do surveys though you can only earn 20,000 points a month which only means 1 voucher every 4 months. I spend a lot of time on here and do every survey possible and I get 1 - 3 vouchers a month. I know it's annoying when you get screened out but it really does pay to stick with it.


  89 months ago
Na utworzonych tematach można trochę zebrać punktów. Pozdraiam . . .


  91 months ago
The surveys are really one of the best ways of earning points. They will give you the most points. Although I know exactly what you mean - they ALWAYS screen you out! Ugh. I am thinking they screen me out because I'm still a student. I wonder if I put that I work part time instead of being a student, that they will let me participate in more. Because that is true as well. I just feel more like a student than a part time worker. Haha.
Opinions are a good way to get points. That's how I cashed out at first. But lately (okay, since May), they have been having problems. I haven't gotten points from them for any OTs (until today actually - I got 500 points from them for some random reason. weird, eh!). I guess they may have gotten it fixed slightly? Anyway, opinions is how I earn most of my points although there is a maximum per month.
The best way is to make friends and have them do your opinions and then you do their opinions. Also help them on their polls, even though you don't get points for that. Then, they will help you on your polls and you may get up to 500 votes!
Sponsored polls is the other way. And getting up to 500 votes on your polls. I just set a few polls up and I don't really update them much. Just let people vote on them if they want. I concentrate more on the OTs.


  92 months ago
Just stay really active .


  92 months ago
I think is better way to concentrate on sponsored surveys as soon as you get them otherwise it's will tell you that their quota is ful and so on...And communicate with community members as well.Good luck.


  92 months ago
I think you are doing the right thing. You are connecting with members from other places and creating interesting topics. Don't be discouraged.


  92 months ago
It took me a long time to get the hang of the social side of Toluna. Now I follow a lot of loyal members who answer my polls and topics so I get points from them. I also do as many surveys as I qualify for.


  92 months ago
the small sponsored surveys will give you a fair amount of points even if you don't go on to do the bigger ones (not that they lead to much anyway!). When the 100 points for 80 word replies come back they are very good


  92 months ago
Do not give up on surveys as it is the biggest point earner on here. You can earn a voucher a month if you do lots of surveys. I have done 5 today and recieved about 13000 points for them. I done some more yesterday and I orderd a voucher on the 11/10 and was left with 11 points. Today I have just close to 28000 points and i am still owd points for 2 more surveys. Doing the sponsored polls are good for points every day but are also a good way to get more surveys done. They might be boring and you get screened out a lot but if you persevere it is worth it.
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