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  93 months ago

does the way you dress affect how people treat you?

i say this becaue i believe it does and whats more its my opinion that the way we dress will affect the way we are perceived by others.

in short i believe others will make up their minds about what sort of person we are by the way we dress.

have you heard the saying 'never judge a book by itys cover'?

ok then in the long term view i agree but in the short view i believe our basic human nature makes up our mind for us before we have time to adjust to it.

so no matter how we may argue the fact - to strangers i believe we all are judged by how we dress no matter what sort of people we are ... what do you think?


  91 months ago
I definitely believe the way you are dressed affects how people treat you. I think it is only human nature that the first impressions (i.e., the way the person looks) forms the opinions of people and that then forms how a person is treated. I had a perfect example about a month ago. I had gone out shopping in jeans and t-shirt to a well known department store and whilst in there looking around I got followed by various security guards and members of staff. Well the following day I had to return as I forgot to get something - I was due to go out to a dinner, so I was wearing a smart dress. This time I never got followed once and the only time the staff approached me was to ask if I would like some assistance.
I personally always end up forming an opinion of someone by how they look but I do not let this cloud my judgement and give each person I meet a chance regardless of the opinion I have formed by their appearance.


  91 months ago
I believe it does and I dress more smartly when i am going to see official people. i think we make up our minds what a person is like by the way they are dressed and look before they even open their mouths.


  92 months ago
My usual style is jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. People tend to discredit me when they first meet me but I don't really care. First impression would be important to me if I was seeking a new job, in that case I would definitely wear a suit or something less casual than my everyday outwear. As you said it's our human nature to judge by the appearance and I know I do it myself. The bad thing is that a lot of people don't change their minds after knowing you and they stubbornly keep their first impression.


  92 months ago
Hi, It shouldn't really but it definately does. I get treated better (or with more respect) when I wear a suit and for some strange reason it makes a difference if I put glasses on.


  93 months ago
I am sure it does, I know how I personally see people with the crutch of their trousers at knee level or their underwear showing.


  93 months ago
Yeah, I agree with you . . . . . . . .


  93 months ago
yes I agree, but if people want to judge me because I wear jeans and a T shirt and not dresses and high heels, it's their loss, I'm not going to conform.. I like comfort! :)


  93 months ago
It probably does, but it doesnt change the person inside

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