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74 months ago

Do you think gothic people dress/act differently for attention?

I'm not sure to be honest. My mother always said it was for attention. I think there are two kinds, one that enjoy or practice goth, and the others that want attention.


  74 months ago
I somewhat believe that gothic people do dress/act differently to get attention. Like sometimes they have it coming for them but then again why would someone or a group of people dress that weird just to get attention. I mean they have to be serious about this phase or lifestyle to dress like that. I believe that gothic people do try and get attention because some of them are out casts and getting attention is filling a void in their life and dressing gothic is the only way to them to get attention.


  74 months ago
What's the difference between those wanting attention & true gothic? Have only seen a few people up close to even really notice - dark hair, dark clothes, pale skin, black lips/nails, right?. My mom, first of all has no idea still what gothic is, would of thought I was crazy & in a cult (she asked this anyway). Probably would of grabbed & threw me in a van for an When I was in school, I had my fun & crazy friends come over to freak my parents out instead. My dad actually asked one girl if she was a clown. He was totally serious! Parents are sooo embarrassing still. I think sometimes it is attention, because this 'clown' friend of mine learned to tone it down a bit since the 80's. She was totally Motley Crue taking guitar lessons & everything. You had to admire her attitude..& anyone that lives outside the box a little. Thanks for keeping life interesting.

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