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66 months ago

Should the internet have an age restriction? If so, how old?

Many parents now a days seem to worry a lot about what their children are exposed to on the internet. With that said, should there be an age restriction?


  66 months ago
YES! i definetly think there should be an age restriction. for children, and actually for any person but especially children, the internet is too dangerous and a lot of times teens dont realize that things can really happen to them. and they are not responsible enough to use the internet at least not with out adult supervision. Too many predators are out there and they thrive off of young women like on sites like myspace where the younger girls are far to easy to find and they are too free with their bodies, pics,, and info. I honestly wouldnt let my child use myspace at least until 16 or 17 and its still not a good idea. I think younger people abuse the net. and there have been too many cases where kids were abducted from online info, or raped, and even tortured teens have used myspace and other social sites for cyber bullying and there have been several cases where they have tortured other kids to the point of misery and suicide, some even told the girls to kill themselvess you wouldnt believe the stories real life, stories of what the younger people have done online. Now, alot of adults are just as bad but children should have parents to limit this kind of thing. and predators like rapists and child molestors specifically choose sites like myspace or facebook to pick off their victims. sounds a little insane but i know it really is true. sad bbut true. l l l l


  66 months ago
I've just been involved in what they do online or know what they do, like play games or look up sport scores. They know I'll bust them if they're going where they shouldn't. I understand that boys get curious but I'd rather buy them an old-fashioned magazine then let them surf online for porn if that's what it takes. Right now, I have only one computer that I use most of the time. They really don't need it & barely look up any home work stuff. A computer isn't a necessity for a child & they really have no problem living without it. Parents should tell them what pitfalls to watch out for. And don't give them complete isolation with it either. My kids know I can pop in to see what they're doing. I can't help what they do later, but I can teach them some rules now. Age & content restrictions should be place on some of these website & search results. I use basic computer & homemade parental controls to be safe. It's easy to get lost on the web but there's no reason to send them out there clueless.


  66 months ago
A good way to protect children from internet abuse is to put the computer in a room, liviing room, den, that is frequently visited by parents. Lock the computer when there is no one at home. How would an age restriction be enforced?


  66 months ago
I agree that it is up to the parent to control what the child does on the computer, with that said, there are programs that limit what a child is allowed on. I do however, see the value in a rating systems similar to the ones that are used for movies. I know that this idea is far-fetched in the ability to enact. There is too much content added daily for any one group of people to easily monitor. I have a child who is not yet able to use a computer, but I full plan on controling what she is allowed to see and do on it, until she of legal age and/or out of my house.


  66 months ago
We just made sure that there was only ONE computer and it was in the central part of our home. They were not allowed on it unless a parent was right there with them. It is different now that they are older, but it is still in the central part of the home where everyone can see what you are doing. Parents need to take control of what comes into their home!!!!!!

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