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first gold

  95 months ago

I know black mold can cause respiratory problems, but how about mood swings/depression?

A family living in a subdivision behind us has been dealing with black mold in their attic for about 2 years. The contractor did not vent the attic correctly, not at all really, and now they are dealing with a lawyer who has advised them not to do anything until a lawsuit they have filed is decided. (The contractor finally came back and vented the attic correctly, but the mold is still there.)

She is in her mid to late 30s and lately has shown signs of very serious mood swings. I know she is worried about this problem, but I am wondering if there is any possibility that the continuous mold problem might be increasing these reactions.

She is beginning to have numerous quarrels with other neighbors who were good friends. They are not sure what is happening and are quite worried about her. I know many would say move out until something is done, but I don't think that is one of their options.

If everything has already been filed and the house has been checked out by the inspectors, would they risk losing the lawsuit if they fixed it and got rid of the mold? I don't think I would risk my physical or mental health by continuing to live in the house the way it is. What would you do?


  89 months ago
Your topic was written almost 6 monst ago. I hope that everything changed and the situation is much better.


  90 months ago
I think I would move out untill sorted, but she sounds very poorly and maybe has depression that is changing her moods, she needs to see the doctor pronto.


  90 months ago
I honestly don't know if mould can cause these types of issues, perhaps she has something else going on in her life that may not be helping?


  90 months ago
I knew some folks with a black mold problem in a newly-purchased home. However, they were able to have mold remediation done almost immediately and lived in their home during the removal.
Because of my friends' problem, I know that the symptoms of toxic mold poisoning are numerous and can also be symptoms of another disorder. Also, more than one symptom can exist. Mental symptoms are anxiety, memory loss, personality disorders and mood swings.
For the family to live in a house with this type of problem as long as they have is intolerable. The family should seek medical advice and possibly change to a more compassionate lawyer.


  91 months ago
I have stopped by to lend my support. I am catching up, but I have done most of your stuff. Hope you have many gains.


  91 months ago
This is a difficult situation. I think she should consult her lawyer before cleaning the mold. The best thing would be for her and her family to stay in another location while this is going on in their house. Can she stay with family or friends? Can they afford to rent another place? They may feel okay now, but they could get lung cancer or other lung problems later in life from inhaling this mold. It is especially dangerous for children.


  91 months ago
no it affects you only in the way you said medically its not been proven x x


  92 months ago
I have never heard of black mold causing psychiatric problems but, if black mold was growing, other mold could also be growing.
Any mold that causes breathing problems could slightly lower blood oxygen levels and that obnviously could cause some mental confusion. there are molds and fungi that produce materials that cause constrictions of blood vessels which might also cause mental confusion. There are a number of types of mold and fungi that produce materials that can have stong mental effects such as hallucinations. The popular hallucinogen LSD is derived from a mold that grows on grain.
It could also just be a result of stress from dealing with lawyers and fighting with contractors for two years.


  93 months ago
I do not know if mold would cause mood swings, but certainly the stress of dealing with this problem is not helping her.


  94 months ago
I think it can get you into mood swings and even other bad ailments.
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