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73 months ago

As the second wife of Prince Charles, is Camilla Parker Bowles a good stepmother to Princes William and Harry?

From what I heard, she is not a good influence to both boys and she is not fit to be the stepmother or wife of future king(s) of England.

  73 months ago
Camilla has been the ruin of Prince Charles. He will never be king. Queen Elizabeth will live to be 110 if it takes that long to see Prince William or Harry on the throne!
Prince Charles proved himself unfit with his treatment of Diana, his disgusting adulterous relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, and the effect the death of their mother had on his 2 children made worse by his subsequent marriage to the dowdy old hag, Camilla!
Long live the Queen!


  73 months ago
I think no one can replace the prince's mother Princess Diana. No one will ever e able to fill her royal shoes. No teven Camilla who I am sure has trianed the boys in appearances and gestures of the royal court. The depth from their mother will resonate within them eternally


  73 months ago
I think she has really made an effort to be a good step-mum to William & Harry. They seem to like her and her own children too. I hope they have resolved any issues of family fights and feuds that have befallen them in the past. I think QEII has played a hand in helping her family to confront and resolve any bad feelings among family. She has had quite a job trying to keep her family together & out of trouble. Bravo to you, QEII!!!


  73 months ago
I guess both William and Harry are grown now, so she's not having any kind of influence on either of them.
I'll bet the Queen Elizabeth is having fits worrying about Camilla someday becoming Queen.
Quite sure she has figured out SOME way she can prevent THAT from happening.


  73 months ago
Well at this point the princes' are done with their formative years of growing up when they would need a mother to nurture them. Prince William is about 27 years old and Prince Harry is about 25. Both Princes' have their own lives apart from any parent. Both serve in the military, have girl friends, their own apartments' and travel all over by themselves. I can't see Camilla having either a good or bad influence on them because they are young adults' with their own personalities and lives. They make their own decisions' like most people do. In their opinion they probably feel that their father's happiness is very important and that Camilla contributes to that happiness. As an adult I would fully support a widowed parent who chose to remarry if that would make them happy. Their new spouse would have no influence on me whatsoever because I would just care for my parents' happiness. Because they are the royal family it does not make them above any standards where relationships' are concerned.


  73 months ago
Well I really have no idea if she is a good step mother or not. I did hear that the boys both decided if she made there father happy they were happy. Thinking back to the Diana days , Camilla actually helped the break up of that marriage right from the start. I commend both boys for not making a big deal about that and accepting her, but in my book she went out of her way to break up there parents . I do not think that she should be ever be queen .

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