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  96 months ago

Living alone.....the good things about it!

I live alone and although it can get lonely at times, I've realized there are a lot of good things about it. I can walk around naked if I want to and double-dipping is certainly ok. I don't have to pick up after anyone and if I don't feel like picking up after myself it's not a problem. Whether or not the toilet seat is up or down or the cap is on the toothpaste doesn't matter. If I feel like eating 7 porik chops and 12 ears of corn at one sitting I don't have to worry about any sarcastic comments from anyone. Living alone has it's drawbacks but also a lot of benefits....can you think of any that I haven't mentioned?


  95 months ago
I never have lived alone, I am a cancer and alot of people know that cancer's don't do well being alone. They also know that we believe in an eye for an eye.


  95 months ago
Privacy, walking around naked, watching tv when you want and never having to wait for the bathroom are all perks to living alone


  95 months ago
I have a sister that lives alone and I worry about her now that she is getting older. She lives in San Francisco and one day she hurt her knee. It was tough on her walking up and down the hills and her apartment has staircase that she has to traverse in order to gain access to her apartment. I worry that if something happens when would someone know? She has friends, but I don't know if she is in contact with anyone on a daily basis, besides work.


  95 months ago
You never have to beg for the TV remote!


  95 months ago
You can watch whatever you like on TV without having to share the remote.

first gold

  95 months ago
I have never lived alone. I always had a husband or kids around. I can still walk around naked whenever I want to. There have been times when the kids would be at their dads and I would have the house to myself and all I did was get bored.


  95 months ago
It's been some time since I lived alone but one of the coolest things about it was that you can wear or not wear whatever you want. You can cook and eat whenever you want to. You can go to bed and get up as early or as late as you want to without disturbing anyone else. Best of all, there's no one there to argue with all of the time.


  95 months ago
I totally agree with you. I live alone, too, and I love the way I can play my choice of music, stay up until I'm about to collapse, let my house get cluttered, walk around undressed, and I have no one to answer to, no one to tell me that I'm being improper or foolish or childish. And somehow I never get lonely.


  95 months ago
I will agree that living alone has its definite plusses. It also has minuses. I found after I got married about 10 years ago that my life was much more fun-filled and adventurous. However, I agree with you in that there were certain things about my routines that I liked and it was difficult to give them up.


  95 months ago
You can watch what you want on TV, eat what and when you want and no lines for the bathroom!
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