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69 months ago

Are "non-addictive" antidepressants mind-altering substances?

I think they are and I feel like sort of a sucker for believing they actually correct a chemical imbalance and trying a whole bunch of them back about 8 years ago also for trying them again more recently. Wellbutrin is OK though (you'll probably like it if you drink coffee or smoke; if you can't tolerate caffeine my guess is you wouldn't tolerate it though).

Also, see my poll on the same topic and the "Are you addicted to any drug or medication" topic I plan to create.


  64 months ago
I don't know anything about antidepressants so cannot give an opinion on this topic.


  65 months ago
They definitely are. I have been on almost every one in the book, & some of the side effects aren't nice. Seroquel is the worst one for stomach flab forming! I have been on Effexor XR for the past 5 years & truly notice a decrease in my moods if I miss more than 1 day's dose. No nasty side-effects either.


  65 months ago
I do not know for sure whether they are mind altering or not. But I think that anyting we put into our system, especailly with the intent of altering a mood such as depression, is going to affect our mind in some way.


  66 months ago
I am not a medical professional, so I cannot say for sure. Maybe if you were to take too much of them for too long of a period of time, they might be mind altering, giving you a different than normal feeling.


  67 months ago
I don't know, but I appreciate your providing all of this information about this subject. You have a great deal to contribute about drugs and their effects on people and the mind. Not sure if I could do this topic any justice compared to what you have been able to do, up to this point.


  68 months ago
I would have to say sure - why not? I have never taken an anti-depressant, prescription or otherwise. If anything - I'm addictive to vitamins. Seriously - I've taken daily individual vitamins since age 12 and I'm 52 now. Ironically, the AMA admitted (unusual) . . . a few years ago that if people took a multi-vitamin B complex - MANY would not be taking anti-depressants. I've been saying this for years.


  68 months ago
Anti-depressants are broad spectrum chemicals being put into the brain to solve a very specific problem. The main issue is that they cannot localize a chemical that the brain needs and just get it into the bloodstream. Most unusual chemicals can't enter through the blood-brain barrier because the body won't allow it to. So they have to add additional chemicals to the original one to help it travel past the blood brain barrier. The worst part about these drugs that give the original chemical guidance to the brain, is that they usually don't dispose of themselves after the original chemical was put in the brain, meaning that whilst those transmitter drugs are in your system, any chemical that is slightly similar to the one you are taking has access to your brains' chemistry. And that is my explanation as to why anti-depressants are both bad for you, and have lasting effects on the brain.


  68 months ago
Absolutely. I have taken Prozac for 12 years and have tried many other antidepressants. Depression occurs to due chemical imbalances in the brain. Taking an antidepressant brings those levels up. That right there says it all. Granted, the levels could eventually increase naturally but by taking an antidepressant you are altering your brain in some way. I would not compare them to other drugs out there but I also think they are addictive, even if it's just taking them to avoid the nasty withdraw side effects.


  69 months ago
I believe if one cannot find the strenght within themselves to believe in faith they might get caught up in lack of knowledge and substances as they do, what i am saying they have no strength to cope. I feel some think this is the way of help, and I say no its not, its a temporairly and a quick fix for a never ending problem that they keep intangleing themselves in.


  69 months ago
to a certain extent, I think they are. They have to be, don't they? They make you feel better when you take them. I take Zoloft and have for many years. I suffer no real side effects. But if I go without it for a couple of days, I can really tell it. I'm edgey and moody and ready to bite someone's head off. So yes in a way they are mind-altering but not like hallucigens or narcotics.

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