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85 months ago

How multicultural workforce might affect teamwork and communications in large companies?

Here are some questions to consider for your answers.

1. How can a company be successful with a multicultural workforce when the communication may not mean the same between racial differences?

2. How do we over come barriers like how Americans approach work; how other cultures share information, and how everyone views time?

3. How do you build trust between the cultures?

4. How do you have the different cultures believe in the company's values and goals?

5. Are other factors like age, religion, geography, disability, and sexual orientation considered to be multicultural?

6. Are there instances where team members view the same task from different perspectives?

7. How is information shared among team members?

8. What are the main cultural differences in the organization?

9. Are there policies that protect workers against discrimination and harassment due to cultural beliefs?

10. Does having multiple language documentation for a multicultural workforce help company’s communications? Our does it hurt it? Why?


  85 months ago
sounds like you work for a company that I used to work for and thankfully don't work for anymore!!!! I am not prejudice at all!!! but I worked for a company that had employees there that are untouchable!! no matter what the employee did, it would go unpunished due to a possible lawsuit.
Religion?? well, certain religious sector employees got special breaks and downtime, while the rest of us had to keep on working!!
Language barrier?? Yes, and that compromised everyones safety!! when you can't understand what a teammember is saying, then look out!! possible safety issues there, I've seen all sorts of miscommunication lead to some safety violations/issues!!

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