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  1 month ago

Do you know what credit and debit card skimmers are and what precautions you can take to reduce the possibility that your card number may be stolen?

Card skimmers are small electronic devices installed by criminals on gas pumps and ATMs which capture your credit or debit card’s PIN, card number and expiration date. Dishonest employees at restaurants or stores may also use portable skimmers when you hand over your card. With this data, a fake card can be created or your card number may be sold to multiple people.

What precautions can you take?

Examine the ATM or fuel pump before using your card. Take a good look at the throat of the card reader and keyboard to see if it looks different or suspicious.

Pay inside the store rather than at the gas pump.

Use a credit card rather than a debit card as you are less likely to be held liable for fraudulent charges. If someone steals your debit card data, they can quickly wipe out your entire bank account.

Pay using a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay.

Download skimmer detecting apps on your smartphone.

Be cautious about handing your card to restaurant servers who leave the table to ring up your bill. If possible, pay at the counter.

Check your card balances online daily to quickly catch fraudulent charges. Contact the bank immediately with fraudulent charges and also request a replacement credit card.

Do you have any other suggestions?


  1 month ago
Thanks for the tips. I never hand over my card to the waitress in a restaurant. I never use my card to pay for gas. I always pay cash. I always check my balances. Reply


  1 month ago
Thanks for those tips about ways to avoid skimmers. If it is not one thing, it is another thing, when it involves this electronic world! Reply


  1 month ago
Thank you for these excellent tips, Peggy! Reply


  1 month ago
Thanks for that info Peggy! I didn't know what to do. Reply


  1 month ago
Great advise and have heard about skimmers so I use my credit card a lot since my bank has excellent security. I also check my card balances and change my passwords frequently. Reply


  1 month ago
I very seldom use the ATM machine, I prefer to pay with cash and only use a credit card when traveling. Reply


  1 month ago
Aware...but sort of trust our bank and their ATMs (and wouldn't use any others). Reply


  1 month ago
I am aware of these---good survey and advice. I do check to make sure there is nothing attached to the portals that these use. I think a lot of places that have these are now making their pumps/payment systems safer and tamper-proof. Thanks, Peggy. Reply


  1 month ago
Yes I am aware of card skimmers and appreciate you offering this very valuable advice. I've long checked online balances daily for that very reason. All I can offer for additional suggestions is that there is nothing wrong with using good old fashioned cash when making purchases. That would eliminate concerns about card fraud. Reply

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