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  3 months ago

Today we have been to an uplifting funeral.

The picture is a stock photo very similar to the coffin today.
We were all instructed to wear brightly coloured clothing and the music played was light and upbeat.
It was probably the nicest funeral I’ve ever attended. It was for a friend and all arranged by her daughter, who had appropriately dyed her hair - and the granddaughters hair - like a rainbow specifically for the occasion.
The service was humanist and supportive towards those left behind.
Yes, tears were shed. But the focus was on remembering and carrying those memories forward rather than living in the past.
I really should write down my own wishes regarding funeral arrangements while this is still fresh in my mind.


  3 months ago
Very good!


  3 months ago
That sounds like a good celebration of life :)


  3 months ago
I'd prefer to have my body left for disposal by the hospital where I die and for the funeral to simply be a family party at the pub.


  3 months ago
I’ve only ever attended one funeral!


  3 months ago
When I’m dead I’m dead. I would like to leave things as simple as possible for my family too.


  3 months ago
Yes a few years back i did Brucie ! as i want cremated any young or old in my family would bury me on my mums side .my fathers side they live all over the world ..the Irish Catholic country types that would have you in.the sitting room for three days doing a wake then into a cold grave hell no ! ...hells not the right word there : had a grand and took a mad fit one day to get the deed set up ..the undertaker who deals with protestants usually i went to you tick all you want on a thing like a menu :).the mans a known comedian in my town a very happy undertaker he came out with a wicker no ie coffin and stated give you this for £ 80 dead on i said it s done deal i joked i should try it out then my superstition got the better i didn't bother getting in it , but he would have let me :)
after i said sure a oul cheap thing will do for the burn bit :) .... so lord knows what it will be financially but i have Sunlife set up for a friends children who live in the town them as sensible sorts
its 2 , 5 00 just for embalming and the service ...and there might be a week waiting for that service , so hence embalming ! Who knows what that will change to in a few decades as i do hope i live a lot of decades more !


  3 months ago
That sounds much better than the usual dour ones with everyone severely dressed in black. A celebration of someone life always seems better to me. But saying that my o/h raises the subject sometimes but i'm terrible & run away. One of those things we always want to put off until tomorrow ...


  3 months ago
I've attended 2 funerals this year already ~ I don't know why I go ?
The person in the coffin isn't coming to mine ??


  3 months ago
I am sorely tempted not to have a funeral service at all, so as to save money. I watched "Nomadland" recently and all they did was toss a stone in the fire for someone who'd passed away. There's lots to be said for minimalism in all aspects of life.


  3 months ago
You should hun and after the upset with my friend I am too. My sister in law had a wicker one for her funeral just before lockdown. We still want to have a memorial for her here in brum as we got stuck on the motorway, on the way to her funeral in Wales someone jumped off a bridge in front of us. So several of us didn't get there in time. Because of lockdown we had to put it off.
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