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  3 months ago

Trust me, Boris is not that bad.

So a lot of you are very passionate about the whole party-gate fiasco. I am not and some of you feel we should be as irate about it. All the news is talking about is lockdown drinks. It's just gotten a bit pathetic. Yes I said it, pathetic! I would like to ask you all, have you obeyed every single COVI-19 rule? Taken every single measure the government has told you to? Never forgotten to wear your mask or CHOSEN not to wear your mask when you should have? Never quickly dropped something off for someone when you should not have?

The ANC aka the South Africa Government has stolen two TRILLION form the SA Fiscus. That equates to 215 million South Africa rand per day for 26 years. As a result, the country was one of the last to get vaccinations as we simply have no money . There is no infrastructure, there are no government services. We have power shut off for up to 8 hours a day and sometimes we have no water. There is no support for businesses. Children don't go to school, people live in shacks with no food or water or power. People die before their turn to get medicine. We have one of the poorest educational systems in the world. Murderers go free, hell you can eat human flesh as an entire community and nothing will happen to you as there are no resources to see a case through to the end (true story). You can call the cops while being attacked and they will arrive 3 days later (if you are lucky) as there are just none to speak of. We have 2500 people in our army. Yes 2500. So when rioting happens and it happens almost on a daily basis now there is no one to stop it . No many power. We have sold our souls to China and Russia too.

Where did the money go? Government officials pockets. To fund their ridiculous lifestyles. To award and pay for fictitious tenders. To keep our ex president and his 23 children and six wives living in the lap of luxury. And it is all thrown in your face and there is nothing you can do about it.

I didn't leave SA, we FLED terrified we would be killed in our beds or that the airport would be shut down. So really, the president had some drinks when he should not have. Time to build a bridge, look a little further afield than your double glazed windows UK. People literally dying almost daily trying to escape a TRULY corrupt government.


  3 months ago
Boris is in the league if them shower of ..* s begins with b :) that is running the old country you came from even though your born British you probably called yourself a South African when over there ..he was prepared to let our place go to hell ie Boris and a war to start again over here and am not be light-hearted about that war it would be !
plain old lies were told to a party here so he could use his votes to get in power and stay in , then he turned on them and didn't give them what they wanted I'm in NI part of Britain but some of us call it plain old Ireland as we call it ! So no he's hated in Britain for a reason and certainly is in Ireland laughing stock of a human he is !


  3 months ago
I am sorry I don’t agree, he should know what his employees are doing when at work. I am on the shielding list and obeyed the rules and still do. He makes the rules then let’s his lot get away with it.


  3 months ago
The clown dictated the rules so the clown should have followed the rules.
Agreed he isn't quite as corrupt as some in other countries but he should be hung, drawn & quartered for hypocrisy.


  3 months ago
I obeyed all the rules but some of my younger extended family didnt and I wouldnt want them to lose their jobs over annextra walk round the block or or visitng grandma however a lot of people were caught and fined for such in the lockdown and maybe the governmentn partygoers should be similarly fined? The one rule for all needs to be applied here regards the punishment.


  3 months ago
Whilst I truly sympathise with you and understand your predicament, there are currently far too many countries in the same situation and we simply can't help everyone as we are currently incapable of even controlling our own pathetic leaders. Our little island is far too over crowded, far too disjointed and needs a jolly good kick up the backside.


  3 months ago
Yes jadevb I have obeyed EVERY single COVI-19 rule.
Boris should set a good example, he's the PM for god's sake and should abide by his own rules. What an absolute shambles. I agree with Mark, he needs to go!!
What about the people who died and the relatives could not attend their funeral? Personally my Auntie was admitted to hospital, caught Covid and died. As a result her own sister and son could not see her as they'd been in contact with her and had to self isolate!!


  3 months ago
This country is (I am glad to say) minor league when it has come to political corruption. Yes we did have an MPs expenses scandal and too many contracts for PPE went to ministers' friends but compared to other countries but compared to SA and some other countries the amounts involved is chicken feed.
The problem is twofold. Firstly, we don't like the "do what I say not do what I do" and "one rule for us and another for ordinary people" the parties demonstrate. Many people followed the rules as closely as they could even though it meant not seeing elderly relatives even when they were dying (and not from covid). And some people got hefty fines for not following the rules as the police interpreted them (such as two women fined for driving for a picnic together - when what they had done was separately driven 7 miles and met for a run and had both take-away coffees at a time when we were allowed out for exercise locally with one person not in household bubble). Secondly, there is political manoeuvring both within the Conservative Party and the press. I suspect some of the events were known about before but kept quiet about it either to use at a 'better' opportunity or because they had been involved in such events.


  3 months ago
Don't forget it was the UK government and cabinet ministers that set the rules regarding covid restrictions and protocol and it wasn't a matter of the odd case of forgetting to wear a mask either . The behavior exhibited at No 10 was premeditated rule breaking as invites were sent out to over 100 staff members to a "bring your own bottle" party.
People have to be responsible for their own actions and don't forget at the very same time these get togethers took place many people were being taken to court and prosecuted for simply sitting in a park with a friend with the full backing of the PM , also people were prevented from visiting their sick loved ones in hospitals / care homes and even if they simply lived in separate residencies J.
So think it pathetic if you wish but the vast majority of UK citizens certainly do not .


  3 months ago
The main difference is that I am not in charge and haven’t set the rules for everyone else to obey! Doris did and he now needs to go! Good riddance to a national embarrassment!!!


  3 months ago
I could not hand on heart say i've 'obeyed' the so called rules of the scientists or government. We're living (regardless) in a (relatively) decent country! I make my own way in life and i don't abide by the letter to certain restrictions placed on me either before after or during covid or anything else. The great thing is i am allowed to do so as we all should be. If we don't like something we can voice our opinions and we can change things although that's if we really want to. I have a great friend who came here around ten years ago from SA. She & her family are from East London.
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