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  3 months ago

Are you prepared for the mayhem ?

I honestly don't see any advantages to be gained by this , to be honest . In a few days , an amendment to the Highway Code aims to create a hierarchy of responsibility on the roads - motorists , cyclists , pedestrians and horse riders . Look at the image , and I think you'll agree that it's a recipe for driver confusion , accidents and violence .
The top right image alone promises traffic build-up at every junction.
It reminds me of how things were 60 years ago . No-one was in a rush , and were therefore more relaxed and courteous , including my Dad !
Now , the bottom right image - that's guaranteed to create lots of road rage , more accidents , and probably more deaths on the road isn't it ?
It's not had much publicity , which should add nicely to the chaos !
What do you think of this ? Were you aware ?


  3 months ago
How many Bonus Points do we get for a Cyclist ?
Whilst I realise Pedestrians are an easy target; they too need a Bonus Points value to give the Motorist some incentive !!


  3 months ago
The advantages being sought are few deaths, injuries and damages on Britain's roads.
The new changes have a relatively simple concept: that EVERYONE should be taking due care BUT that those who are more likely to be hurt should be given priority protection by those who are less likely to be hurt. This is to be achieved by paying more attention and giving right of way. In essence, it is trying to decrease the number of victims on the roads, and victims include the drivers who will obviously be distraught if they crash into people, cause death, disabilities etc.
As an analogy: those who are better off should give more, to help those who are in need.


  3 months ago
I though pedestrians always had priority when crossing a side road? Rule 170 in the highway code or something like that. Strange! As for the other one, Ooooh dear doesn't look good to me. Motorcyclists yes of course take the middle of the road but cyclists? No.


  3 months ago
Don't get me started about catering more to lawbreaking cyclists than humans.


  3 months ago
"Ride in the middle of the road in "certain" situations" . How wooly and non descript is that !
What if there's a wall or building at a junction and the pedestrian is hidden from site how is a driver supposed to see that hazard.
Just stick to expanding pedestrian zones and improving the cycle lane network. Then again that costs money doesn't it.
These changes will lead to trouble and higher deaths as you have rightly mentioned Steve.


  3 months ago
This is crazy and I won't be following it when I am out walking and I dont cycle! There are plenty of crossings and I will continue to use them!


  3 months ago
I'm sure that cyclist have never really ridden in the gutter but have tended to be at least 1 or 1 1/5 feet into the road as the gutter is full of rubbish that could give punctures and is where the drains are. Most drivers will simply carry on as usual, as will most people, due to the lack of publicity and the stupidity of some of these rules. The only rules that I ever really follow are to try to be sensible and to be courteous, though it's hard with some road users.


  3 months ago
There definitely will be more road rage what driver wants to get stuck behind a bike it's a crazy idea from someone who probably doesn't drive.


  3 months ago
Most cyclists are okay but there are some that doesn’t wear bright clothes or have lights on when it is dark. I think they need to do something about that they can not blame everything on the drivers . I think this is going to be very dangerous.


  3 months ago
The vast majority of cyclists around here (75% Students) tend to ride their cycles on the pavement (subject to a £1,000 Fine) ~ so it's only Pedestrians that have to walk in the road !
I actually saw a cyclist the other evening with lights on his bike ~ I was totally gobsmacked !!
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