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  4 months ago

KN95 vs N95 Masks

Can anyone tell me the difference between KN95 and N95 masks? Which are better? Does anyone know?


  4 months ago


  4 months ago
From what I have been reading, N95 are Niosh approved masks meaning they meet the US standards for filtering out things like small particles, some oils, etc. People originally and still do use them when doing things like using a sprayer to paint walls, and now of course in the medical field with Covid. They can come disposable and reusable. With the Omicron being so bad right now they are hard to find, but sometimes besides online you can find them at places like Home Depot and are a little expensive. The KN95 masks have a Korean or Chinese rating because they are made there. They are generally rated differently than the US masks. Some are good, some are not and that has been what is making getting good ones hard. The CDC and Federal Government are listing the KN95 masks that they feel are crap or fraud. They are a little easier to get although with so many people trying to get some, they too are expensive and back ordered. So what to do? The 3 ply surgical disposable masks (those blue square looking masks) are pretty easy to still get for about $5 a box. They are recommending to wear the surgical mask first and then put your clothe mask over that. I would say any clothe mask that is double layer. Make sure to pinch the nose thing on the surgical mask and then put the clothe mask over that. Wash the clothe mask after every use and toss the surgical mask. And I say double layer clothe mask because the weave of most clothe masks especially if they are the polyester stretchy kind do not trap much of anything. These Omicron particles are very small and you need as much there to catch them as possible. Tighter weave double layer cotton masks over the 3 ply surgical masks will be pretty good. Not as good as an approved KN95 or N 95 but next in line according to the CDC and Feds. NO masks should have those air valves because they defeat the whole purpose.


  4 months ago
I don't know, we are using kn95, they don't slide down like the cloth ones do.


  4 months ago
The actual masks are similar but the KN95 masks are more readily available to the general public. The N95 mask for the most part are only used by those of us who work in the health care fields.


  4 months ago
N95 are what medical professionals wear. They offer the best protection, in terms of filtering and how tightly they fit. KN95 are more available to the general population (I've been using them for months). They fit more tightly than disposable masks, and they are a bit stiffer and shaped to project off of your face so they are a lot easier to breathe in than disposable or cloth masks. Hope that helps!

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