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  3 months ago

Master your finances - 3 ninja expenses you can avoid to see your savings grow.

There's no such thing as a guilty pleasure - but some can drain your wallet. There's nothing wrong with treating yourself and making life more enjoyable, but some small expenses can make a dent in your wallet and generate unnecessary stress.
We're calling them "Ninja Expenses" because they're quiet, almost invisible, and it might be possibly too late once you notice them. If you decide to read below, we will present you with our selection of the most harmful ninja costs, and we will also give you some advice on how to avoid them.

1. Fear your inbox.
Our email is bombarded daily with amazing offers and sales. They all seem great deals, and I bet you can't wait to open that email to learn more about it. However, more often than none, these promotional offerings generate needs that you didn't have before. We want to battle the anxiety from desiring something you didn't need. So here comes our master tip 1 - Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe! This simple action will save you hundreds, if not thousands a year. However, this may result in a psychological phenomenon called FOMO or fear of missing out. Breath easy, you're not missing out. Next time you need something, you may actively search for it, and likely you'll find a new offer. Even if you pay retail price, you would have saved by avoiding all those impulse purchases.

2. Go to the groceries on a full stomach!
Studies show that people who do their groceries on an empty stomach will spend upwards of 30% more than people that had eaten previously. We've all been there, approaching the snacks section like a ravaged crow. When you're hungry, you're more likely to go for unnecessary items that are not on your grocery list. This is by definition what economists call impulse purchases. They're low involvement, low cost, low risk, and high reward guilty pleasures that feed out from your disposable income. So next time you go to the supermarket, treat yourself with whatever you have left at home, you'll save tons.

3. Random expenses - Control!
Next time you're at the gas station, don't go for the bubble gum under the counter, don't reach out for that keyholder you already have, and please don't stall the line. Product developers, marketers, and typically everyone with a huge ego dedicate their lives to make you want those small and unnecessary items. They make them shine, and they make them look irresistible, but you're now the master of your finances and they won't beat you. Put the candy down, and own your future.

With this, we close our first article of a series that will help you master your personal finances. If you like what your read please comment below, if you didn't please comment, and don't forget to complete more surveys today to continue earning our amazing Toluna rewards.


  4 days ago
Love the one about going shopping after I have eaten. Reply


  1 month ago
What great info! Reply


  1 month ago
Well something if I stay clear is that when buying a full stomach leaves the pocket happy. Reply


  1 month ago
Thank you for sharing Reply


  2 months ago
My finances are okay. Reply


  2 months ago
Ninja Reply


  2 months ago
good advice Reply


  2 months ago
Definitely, agree that these are unnecessary buys! I can do this. Reply


  2 months ago
My finances are in good shape. Reply


  2 months ago
So true! I can honestly say ive been a regular at all types of purchases listed above. However, having grown up n matured and spend too much money on meaningless impulse buys too...i am currently trying to work on the specific area of self-control. Both when it comes to shopping as well as other things in my life. Reply
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