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  1 month ago

So "Windows 10" wasn't the last system afterall .

Has anyone seen the new adverts for Windows 11 that have appeared both on TV and online in recent weeks.

I wasn't shocked but I was quite surprised . The reason being that when I purchased my wifes laptop a couple of years ago, the shop assistant said that Windows 10 was the final version in the Windows operating systems and that it would be kept current by continuous system upgrades , adding features and patching bugs as required. This statement was also reinforced in the press and media for quite a few years also and seemed to be the general consensus.

I don't feel cheated as my wife required a laptop at the time as the old one no longer functioned and so we were not just upgrading for the sake of it . The price of the laptop was very reasonable in any event.

After an online search this morning I found this nugget of information on the subject.

"Microsoft representatives never said that Windows 10 would be the last version of Windows—not really. That comment was actually made by Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft developer evangelist who spoke at the company’s ”Tiles, Notifications, and Action Center” presentation about Windows 10 at Microsoft’s Microsoft Ignite conference in 2015".

That's fair enough but I don't remember Microsoft making much of an effort to dispel the widespread belief in the populous at large that Windows 10 was the final version of the operating system.

Maybe it suited Microsoft to let this rumour run as it would have done no harm to sales of the Microsoft 10 operating system over the next 6 years or so and probably help to boost take up in all reality.

Have you ever heard or been told that Windows 10 was the final version of the system ?
Have you any comments on how the information on the Windows 10 version was presented to the public at the time and for quite some years afterwards ?


  1 month ago
This was in the news a while ago! I’m happy with the decision as it means I get the latest innovations in my OS! Reply


  1 month ago
Microsoft is very much like the Tory Party in that it will tell you one thing but do the exact opposite if they feel like it or can make money out of it. Reply


  1 month ago
I never heard it was the last version to be honest, I had to upgrade my elderly computer and I'd had windows 10 on my previous one (upgraded from win.8 and 8.1) which really didn't suit an already old pc. I've had this one nearly two years now, I don't think I'll be upgrading until we're made to. Reply


  1 month ago
Dare we say we used to really like XP. Since then, things seems to have got very confusing. Or is it us ? Ha Ha Reply


  1 month ago
Yes , I posted it a while ago Alan , but can't find it at present .mate . Reply


  1 month ago
Another reason to switch to Linux ? Reply


  1 month ago
Shades of Spinal Tap at play. Reply


  1 month ago
I have not seen adverts but I was aware of the new version after someone posted a topic here on Toluna. I tried searching for it, so I could supply the link in case responses there interested you, but the search cannot even find your topic! I suspect it was a Spartan topic but he raises so many that I am not willing to trawl back a month or so to try and find it. Best of luck to you if you decide to go and look for it. :-)
I personally do not see anything suspicious over the naming convention of a new major upgrade nor in the original view that 10 was to be the last one. Times change and version numbering in IT projects is usual.


  1 month ago
Come back Windows 98 ! Reply


  1 month ago
We always knew ten wasn't the final version because every version has been totally different at the end of your PC's life to how it was at the beginning but I thought that Microsoft were no longer going to rename it. Reply
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