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  1 month ago

More twists and turns in the Murdaugh family saga!

If you haven’t been following the ongoing story of the Murdaughs, a prominent family in a rural South Carolina town, you can check out my earlier topic:

To summarize, in 2019, the youngest son, Paul, was charged with boating under the influence and manslaughter in the death of a passenger in a boating crash. In June of this year, Paul and his mother were murdered by an unknown assailant(s) at the family hunting lodge. In early September, Paul’s father, Alex Murdaugh, was fired by his law firm partners due to accusations he misappropriated over a million dollars from the firm. The next day, Alex was shot on a rural road as he changed a flat tire, supposedly by the driver of a passing truck. The head wound was superficial and two days later he was admitted to a drug rehabilitation clinic.

Now, a former client of Alex has been arrested and charged with assisted suicide. He was hired by Alex to shoot him since Alex believed his life insurance policy excluded payment due to suicide. His plan was for his oldest and only surviving son to collect on his $10 million dollar life insurance policy. An arrest warrant has been obtained on a charge of conspiracy to commit insurance fraud. Alex plans to leave the clinic and turn himself in today.

It was also revealed that Alex is undergoing treatment for opioid addiction and that most of the money he stole from his law firm was used to pay for illegal drugs.

And, if that isn’t enough, per the coroner’s request, law enforcement has opened an investigation into the 2018 death of the family housekeeper who died from a fall. Additionally, a new lawsuit against Alex says that $500,000 in insurance proceeds was withheld from the heirs of the housekeeper.

Can it get any crazier than this?

Sources: Bristow Marchamurdaughnt and John Monk, “Insurance money missing after 2018 Murdaugh housekeeper death, lawsuit says,”
Lana Ferguson, Kacen Bayless, Jake Shore and John Monk, “SLED charges man with assisted suicide in Alex Murdaugh shooting for $10M insurance payout,”
Jake Shore and John Monk, “Alex Murdaugh will turn himself in after alleged suicide plot with $10M insurance payout,”


  1 month ago
A real-life soap opera. There's nothing like it where I live, the big news being that a recall of the governor failed. Reply


  1 month ago
All deaths need to be investigated Reply


  1 month ago
Was the life insurance paid Reply


  1 month ago
Outrageous! Thanks for posting, Peggy. I feel very sorry for his surviving son. Reply


  1 month ago
Did he collect life insurance from the son and wife? He seems very devious. Reply


  1 month ago
Wow, that is quite a saga, sounds like the whole family could have used a good psychiatrist. Reply


  1 month ago
When Money And Drugs Fall Into The Picture, Things Get Really Corrupt... I Hope They Find ALL Of The Truth! Reply


  1 month ago
OMG....this is crazy! I had heard about the murders of the wife and son, the son's involvement with a death while boating, and the suspicious death of the housekeeper (all from an article in People magazine), but hadn't heard the latest! What a corrupt family. Reply


  1 month ago
I suspected the father, Alex, had something to do with all of this right from the beginning. Things just didn't add up. Reply


  1 month ago
I heard a top of the hour national news briefing this morning on the radio earlier this morning about someone who hired a hit man to shoot him so his son could collect life insurance money. I didn't quite catch all the details and sounds like this is the case you're referring to. Quite a mess indeed and Alex most certainly appears to up to no good for several reasons. Good luck to the jury trying to sort this one out! Reply
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