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  1 month ago

Jobkeeper rort

I look around the local shopping center and it is sad to see so many shops boarded up for good, just mom and pop shops, then you hear on the news how many companies received jobkeeper and made a massive profit from the lockdowns because the Government just dished money out like drunken sailors and the best part is that it hopes those that profited will give the money back, but there is no obligation, pay it forward, because it is a debt our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for years to come, then there is climate warming... geez what are we leaving them???? I want to put a picture of scomo with the double thumbs up saying "How good are future generations of kids"... Makes me wish I had that vasectomy when I was 13 rather than 30


  30 days ago
Jobkeeper kept the country going. At the time the PM said because it had to be implemented fast some would receive it that shouldn't. If not for Jobkeeper many thousand would have lost homes and not even been able to feed their kids. Anyone that has gone through covid without losing money and those on pensions were lucky. Our Country because of the way Jobkeeper was set up has one of the best Economic recoveries in the World. The Government is retrieving money back from companies overpaid and some are paying it back voluntarily as per Harvey Norman. Of course we will be paying the cost if the Pandemic back for a long time but to say he threw money around like a drunken sailor is incorrect. Would you have done better? There was minimal time to support people when covid hit and other Countries have congratulated us on how we handled it. It annoys me that people think in a matter of a few weeks a miraculous way of supporting everyone in Australia could be done that cost nothing. I'm sure those that got through on Jobkeeper were glad to get it as it saved them a lot of misery. Reply


  1 month ago
In America they have huge shopping precincts that are all empty. We should look at America because everything that happens to them eventually happens to us. Yes I feel sad for my son. He can never have a home of his own or a family. Too sad. Reply


  1 month ago
True. Reply


  1 month ago
I agree, companies should of only got the job keep, who are on dire straights, not companies that making millions in profits Reply


  1 month ago
It's a crying shame, I notice so many empty shops in our local shopping centre now not least because apparently the landlord is too greedy which doesn't help! Reply


  1 month ago
True Reply

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