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  13 months ago

Calling all nature lovers | #Contest

Hi Influencers,

We're heading into nature on the Toluna community and you're coming with us. It's unbeleafable because this week we have lots of fun things planned.

To kickoff this week of fun, we want you to comment below and share your favorite activity to do in nature and why. You must write at least 3 lines for a chance of 500 points. The best 20 responses will receive 500 points.

Are you ready for an adventure?



  12 months ago
I love walks in the woods with my puppies. I look at everything during my walks. I enjoy plants, flowers, mushrooms, animals and some insects (not mosquitos or flies, they torment me). I always find something interesting. Right now, wild blackberries are ready and we pick them almost every day.


  12 months ago
My favorite nature adventure is from when I was a little girl. Our neighbors, Ms. Marie and Mr. Ward, who lived down the road from us here in Summerville, South Carolina had a cabin they owned up in the mountains of North Carolina. We went on vacation up there with them one summer. I remember, vividly, running around their backyard and discovering a small creek that ran through their lot. It had a small, hand-built bridge across it and the clearest, absolutely, most insanely frigid water that I had ever felt!! Even during the dog days of summer, this water felt like it was flowing down from Santa's Workshop at the North Pole. It was the most satisfying water you could ever drink and left your skin bright red after just a few minutes of wading in it!! I remember my Mother stepping into the water and shrieking because of the temperature. Ms. Marie stepped in and started playing with us kids (my brother, sister, and I) as if she were a kid herself again. She looked at my Mother and burst out laughing because my Mother couldn't handle the cold temperature. My Mother just looked at us like we were all insane because she couldn't believe we were happily frolicking around in that frigid water. That Summer was one of the best Summer's I ever had as a child. Ms. Marie and Mr. Ward have long since passed, but my heart longs to go back to play in that little creek like I did as a small girl.


  12 months ago
Hiking or backpacking The Great Smokey Mountains is my favorite nature activity. The scenery is great. The number of well-maintained hiking trails is amazing. That said, probably not a winter activity due to the elevation.


  12 months ago
I love working in my veggie and herbs little garden. I enjoy sitting on my back deck with my husband and listening to the birds . I like going for walks with my Puggle Sadie and my corgi Ralph.


  12 months ago
I moved to North Minneapolis in April 2018... in June 2018 I went for a walk in the morning on a glorious beautiful day, and discovered... I live 2 blocks from the Mississippi River and a wonderful park that surrounds it. It took over a year to discover it, but it's one of my go-to's when I need to fill up some Zen!


  12 months ago
I love being in nature. I like hiking, backpacking, and camping. The deeper the woods, the larger the forest, that is what I seek. No sirens, cars, trucks, planes, or trains to disturb me. It refreshes my energy and releases stress.


  12 months ago
Camping in the (near) wilderness, hiking and seeing nature up close, seeing animals (but not too close!), breathing fresh air and rejuvenating my soul.


  12 months ago
I love walking in the woods. I’m very watchful for deer and pretty birds. Love praying along the way and thanking God for the beauty he reveals all around me!


  12 months ago
Being in the woods and near a body of water with a dog or dogs and my loved one is the best time I can think of in nature. I would like an RV though, cuz I don't like bugs and I watch a lot of true crime. So lock me up safe and tuck me in cozy, but give me a great place to play while the sun shines.


  12 months ago
Going to camp and sunbathing
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