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  1 month ago

What Good News For Tasmania? Soon We may have Australia's cheapest power, as from the 1st of July a decrease is happening?

This year it is good news for all Tasmanian businesses and people, as from the first of the 1st of July the Tasmanian Power Regulator has approved a drop for the cost of power, as the cost of producing power has decreased. But me still wonders, if this could be happening as 50 people are loosing their jobs in the industry, as they are gradually going to need less people to read power meters. The newer smart meters have a sim card built into them, so the power companies can put a request to that meter to send them the data on each smart meter. Last year my meter was changed over to one of these meters, and I am actually paying an extra 11 cents a day on Aurora Plus, as I am one of these people who watch my bills and bank accounts like a hawk, so I get update power usage every 15 minutes, and I can see how much power that I am using, and my account balance as it adjusts according. I do not really see the 11 cent extra a day a problem, as I have seen my power usage drop even further, since switching over.

As from around the 1st of July Businesses can see a reduction of around 10% on their power bills, and the public around 7%. On top of that all Households that are pension house holds, will get a extra Winter Bonus of $125, on top of Tasmania's generous yearly discounts for pensioners. Pensioners save around just over $400 a year on the normal discounts.

What are the prices like in your area? Are they dropping the cost down

Here are a few tips, that will help you cut down on the cost of your power usage. Make sure that your hot water system if electric is not running flat out, as when they are installed they are usually turned right up, by turning the temperature on them down a tad can save heaps of money.

If you are like me, live in a small unit, drying clothes in a dryer, does not really work out that expensive, and the dryer will throw heat around the place, meaning that you will not need to use the heater flat out. I usually do my washing on a very cold day and take a advantage of the dryer.

To cut the time of drying clothes in a clothes dryer, put some thing like a dry towel in it, as it takes a lot of the moister out, and may cut the usage down by 25% using less energy and saving you $$$, and this method does work.

These days all electrical appliances have to pass a certain standard, and use less energy, that what similar products used to use. A fridge/freezer may have lasted 40 years, but 30 20 years ago they used much more power than what they do these days, so consider buying a more efficient one. Same with dryers, tvs, lights washing machines.

Make sure your oven, fridge freezer seals are in a good condition, as they would be a leakage and making these devices work more harder, and hitting your pocket with $$$$ higher power Bill


  1 month ago
Thanks for the read and tips, very helpful. Reply


  1 month ago
Well done to Tasmania Shane. Also thanks for your never ending knowledge of things to make life easier for us! Reply


  1 month ago
They all seem to juggle the prices, I just never understand seeing why we are well most of us are on the same GRID why the price is not the same.
The worst thing Victoria ever did was to allow our power industry to become 100% private owned, just opens the door for rip off price like the four big banks/ Telstra.

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